Physical Description Edit

Zaigen was a short but majestic looking Sorcerer. His pure white, long hair would always turn heads whenever he would enter a tavern. He didn't look like he belonged there but no one told him otherwise. He sometimes was insulted for being only 5'4" but he didn't care.

Personality Edit

Zaigen is a man of honor and respect, at first glance he won't judge you for just the way you look. However, if you are doing something horrible, like eating a druid, then he will start to judge you. He found making friends easy as he was really friendly and nice. He didn't talk much but when he did, everyone would listen because they knew it would be something smart or wise.

Background Edit

Zaigen's childhood started off with him being raised by a woman who didn't care for him at all. It seemed that she only raised him out of some form of duty and didn't care what happened to the boy. Eventually, a wizard saw Zaigen running some errands for the woman in the city and he caught the attention of an old wizard. The wizard asked him where his parents were but he didn't know so he took him to the woman's house. The wizard told the woman that he would like to take Zaigen in and teach him in arcane magic as he seemed to be flowing in abundance with natural power in it. The woman graciously accepted the offer as she no longer would have to take care of him and do whatever she wanted.

Back at the wizard's place, Zaigen thrived under his teaching. Zaigen learned a lot about magic casting and where magic came from. The wizard eventually became more of a mentor to Zaigen and more like a father to him. They enjoyed going to town together and even though they weren't related, they were commonly mistook for father and son. This relationship wouldn't last though as the wizard was killed by a magical beast.

Zaigen swore vengeance on whoever it was who killed his master but never found any leads. During his search for the murderer, he was down on his luck and eventually found himself in Absalom. There he joined the Adventurer's Pact and would then go on many Adventures with his new friends.

Adventures So Far Edit

The Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature

Angry Gods

Down in the Dumps