The Vial Plane Edit

After returning The Herald of Iomedae (or was it?) to her father, the party was tasked with finding and closing rifts. In order to do so they first had to return any monsters or demons that had come through the portal to the appropriate side then seal it behind themselves.

After going through their first rift they arrived in a very strange plane that were unable to identify. All of the people on this plane had vials in their arms. The vials stored a liquid which the people claimed was their life force. The color of the liquid determined how strong their life force was and varied in color from clear to dark black.

The group immediately tried to sell off their reward they received from the Herald's father. Finding this task rather difficult, they gave up and began to pursue finding a way to cure Minion of his amnesia. In order to do this they consulted the local church and asked the priest there if he could cure Minion. However upon seeing the lack of vials on the parties arm the priest freaked out and declared them demons.

The party very intent on curing Minion chased the priest down, killing a small child and the child's father in the process. Upon finding the priest they blackmailed him into healing minion, and then preceded to shatter his vial "in the name of science." The priest instantly died and this began the parties deep interest in how the vials worked.

After some planning the party headed back to the town picking up a murder victim and one of the corpses they had created the previous day and preceded to perform an "autopsy." None of the party members having the slightest knowledge of the human body mangled and mutilated the corpses before being found by the townsfolk and being chased off like the demons they were.

The following day the party returned to the town and brutally murdered multiple people and robbed the currency exchange in order to find out more about the vials and demon that had murdered the person the previous day. This resulted in the death of multiple innocents and ended with the party shattering the vial of a small child into the mouth of an ape and watching it turn inside out.

Feeling satisfied with their findings they went back to the town one final time and executed the guard the town had hired to protect themselves. They managed to convince the town to let them attempt to slay the demon in exchange for one of the guards lives.

After slaying the demon and creating another rift, they managed to find the original rift they were searching for and travel through it.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

Mission Goal Edit

  • Find the Rift
  • Find the Demon
  • Return the Demon
  • Close the Rift

Follow-up quests Edit


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