Physical Description Edit

Tmek a 19 year old goblin standing at an astonishingly average 3'1", and weighing in at 34 lbs. His greyish-blue skin and bile-yellow eyes give him that truly disgusting look that is common among goblin folk.

While he may be unpleasant to look at, Tmek, with his incredible intelligence, has developed a taste for the finer things in life, and his wardrobe does nothing but confirm that. Under his sleek Darkleaf jacket, he wears a white, soft, cottony Unfettered Shirt, and is rarely seen without his top had, adorned with a band enchanted with vast intelligence.

In order to feed the cost of his expensive taste, Tmek has developed a wooden mask in the likeness of a stereotypical miser, which assists him in discovering extra wealth for himself.

Personality Edit

Tmek, like most goblins, is very reclusive, and doesn't get along well with others, especially those outside his own race. He often puts his own needs above others, and mainly keeps the company of others to ensure he has enough rations to keep his ravenous appetite at bay if disaster strikes.

Because his intelligence is much above average, and Tmek knows this, and often uses this to his advantage, confusing others to get out of situations that could prove unsatisfactory.

Character Relations Edit

While Tmek does have trouble making friends, there are those that he does dislike considerably less than others.

Tmek seems to get along surprisingly well with the Gnome Bimbledorf. While he would eat him at a moments notice, if the opportunity arose, he does find entertainment in the Gnome's simple-minded antics and finds him to be very useful in battle.

Tmek has also started to form what you could call the semblance of friendship with the Human Mogar, who is also very ferocious in battle.

Backstory Edit

Tmek was born and raised in the Emerald Spire, in the North-West region of the River Kingdoms. He was born a bastard, and raised by his father.

During his younger years, Tmek fell in with a street gang, and was found to be a powerful ally because of his skill in the art of alchemy. He was often found stealing gold and alchemical ingredients from tradespeople and traveling merchants.

As he grew older, he began to realize that the gang wasn't getting him anywhere in life, and went to one of the lower levels of the spire and learned more about alchemy.

After a couple years of training, he finally felt ready to leave the spire and travel the world. Once he left, he realized he didn't know anything about the ways of the outside world, and quickly became overwhelmed. Luckily he ran into a wandering fiend, a human man, who trained him in the ways of the world in exchange for "alchemical creations".

After this he set off on his own, and has traveled all over the north, and now is beginning his journey south.

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