Physical Description Edit

Old Tim is just like he sounds: really old. He is 69 years old approaching venerable age quickly. He stands at barely 5 feet 5 inches tall and only weighs 130 lbs. His long white beard looks like it hasn't been trimmed since the turn of the century. He always stays partially hidden with his Cloak of the Sneaky Scoundrel.

tl;dr He's old as shit.

Personality Edit

He always places his own life's importance above others, especially since becoming the ring bearer of Arglyn, the talking copper band. Once he has assured his own safety in a fight, he may then use his Illusion wizardry and bowman skills to assist those around him. He has become weary of party members after many failed attempts of searching for traps as the party's scout.

Inventory Edit

Arglyn, The Talking Copper Band

Old Tim the Wizard

While Old Tim and the Bastards were exploring the sunken Dwarven city, Old Tim's senile mind caused him to investigate a magic ring on the ground by putting his finger in it. The band immediately leaped up to his finger and is no unable to be removed. After studying the ring intently, he discovered that it is a ring of weapon storing. He usually hides his composite longbow within the ring since his dagger is concealed by his cloak. Soon after, the party heard a strange voice which ended up being the ring. The party began questioning the ring and determined several conclusions. The ring could read minds. The ring's name was Arglyn. The ring wanted to find its "sibling." Other than that, it appeared to not have any knowledge not already known by the party.

Backstory Edit

Old Tim does not remember much of his past. He has briefly mentioned tales about a Dark Brotherhood from Cyrodill that was slaughtered. People have overheard him mumbling about a "Night Mother" and wishing to help her...

Adventures so Far Edit

The Dwarf and the Ancient Kingdom

Character Relations Edit

He is currently a member of the Bastards party. The terms of their agreement consist of diamonds, that is all Old Tim was able to bargain for against such Bastards.