The White Bear(Tavern) Edit

The White Bear is one of the many taverns within Absalom.

Details of the Location Edit

The White Bear was named such in memory of the owners companion Rasputin, when Vladamir was still an adventurer of the pact. Like many of the taverns located in Absalom this one is sanctioned by the Adventurer's Pact and as such has a secondary cellar that leads to the mysterious office of the Registrar. Serving good food and good drink is just part of the services offered by this fine establishment, offering lodging to adventurers both of the pact and not, The White Bear is located near the fringes of the market district of Absalom closer to the wall than the much larger locations. This offers convenience to those who do not have the excess coin to stay at the exquisite taverns closer to the center of the city, while still offering a nice place to rest one's weary legs.

While most businesses are owned by folks who have never set a foot inside a dungeon The White Bear is owned by an adventurer who has seen many great things and likely has many stories and experience to share with those brave young hopefuls who stop by.

History Edit

Previously known as the Goat's Teat, this tavern is now owned by the ex-adventurer Vladamir. It was recently renamed to The White Bear, in memory of Vladamir's late companion Rasputin. Before the change of ownership the tavern was well known for a warm beds, a warm hearth, warm food, and a chilled stout. Much has stayed the same since the change of ownership though time will only tell of the Tavern's future under Vladamir's name.

Events Edit

<No missions have taken place here or started from here since it's renaming>

Ownership Edit

All this reroll token are belong to me


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