The Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites none
Level 5
Location Absalom
Rewards Gold, Mushrooms, Soup
Quest progression
Previous Next
N/A Dog Sitting, Angry Gods

Dungeon Master Edit


Party Members Edit

Vladamir and Rasputin


Geoffrey Bearpark





Mission Goal Edit

To complete the Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature

Mission Summary Edit

The story began in the town of Absalom, here 5 heroes came to a tavern, home of the Adventurer’s Pact and had all been asked to join.  The 5 heroes graciously accepted the offer and all went upstairs to the basement and were greeted by the registrar.  There the registrar asked for each of their names.  The Ranger Shapeshifter half-elf went first and said his name was Talon Ver.  The Ninja Human went next and responded with his name.  The Aasimar Sorcerer went next and replied with his name, Zaigen.  The Half-Orc Ranger told the registrar his name was Vladimir and his dire bear companion was Rasputin.  Finally the Human Diplomatic Rogue went next and stated his name was Geoffrey Bearpark. 

The registrar flicked his fingers and quills and scrolls appeared out of thin air and the quills wrote down the names on their own.  The registrar then told the newly formed party to check their left pockets.  They each checked their pockets and all had a membership card in their hands.  On the membership cards was some writing that Vladimir couldn’t read so he tore the card in two and teleported five feet to the left.  Sylus who saw this and was able to read the card understood that by tearing the card he would teleport back to the Adventurer’s Pact tavern. 

The registrar then waved his hand and a scroll appeared and unrolled itself, it continued to unroll itself all the way down the stairs and the registrar then told the party to pick a quest.  They had three options, rescuing an old Talon for an old lady, the Noble and Ambiguous Quest, and an exploration quest.  Both Sylus and Talon wanted to rescue the Talon, and at first Vladimir wanted to do the exploration quest, but Zaigen and Geoffrey both wanted to do the Noble and Ambiguous Quest.  Vladimir quickly changed his choice because he didn’t want to rescue some stupid Talon as he put it.  The registrar said excellent and waved his hands and the party appeared at the end of town, and thus the quest began.

The party scanned the area from the outskirts of town and there was a large open plain with a small lake where one can still drown in and a few trees on the horizon.  Sylus looked a little closer and noticed something moving in the tall grass of the plains.  Talon was able to identify it was a boar and told the rest of the group.  Vladimir hopped on his bear and the party headed towards the boar.  The battle was hard fought with Vladimir performed the killing blow by pulling out his bow and jumping off Rasputin, while at the same time he drew his bow and shot the boar directly in the eye.  It was now around evening and the party decided to make camp for the night.

They moved towards a tree that was just past the boar.  There Vladimir used his falchion sword to cut down the tree but at the same time Talon had decided to climb up the tree to get some branches for kindling and was just about to climb it when Vladimir’s falchion came through the tree and cut open his leg.  Talon was able to stop the bleeding pretty quickly but had still suffered some damage.  Vladimir then cuts the tree into a bunch of fire would and our party realizes they forgot the boar.  Vlad decides to get the boar with Rasputin and the rest of the party went to the lake.

Ninja dug a pit for the fire by the lake meanwhile Talon was clearing out a nice area of the brush around the pit.  Talon also tried to start the fire with his flint and steel but since the wood was fresh it was still damp and can’t do it.  He then used the brush as kindling and the party now had a roaring fire.  Geoffrey cut the boar up and the party each roasted piece of it.  However, Vladimir got a little too close to the fire and almost burnt himself.  Talon noticed this and gave him a little shove thus burning Vladimir’s hands, however, the rest of the party thought that it was just Vladimir being an idiot again.

Vladimir then ran towards the lake to stop the burning.  When running in the lake he hit an object that he then identified as a casket just barely submerged in the water.  He then lied on the casket and the rest of the party pondered why Vladimir was floating on the water with none of his body in the water.  Vladimir told the group that he found a casket and then banged on it.  Meanwhile, Redfeather, a Sword-Master Rogue Tengu woke up and heard a loud bang but couldn’t see anything. 

The group then decided to move the casket out of the water as to not possibly spoil the contents of the casket when opening it.  So they tied a rope around Rasputin’s leg and the casket and pulled the casket near the fire so the light could help them identify the contents.  Sylus handed everyone except for Vladimir a crowbar out of fear that he might hit someone with it.  Vladimir then went to cook a piece of the boar for Rasputin.  The rest of the party then opened the casket and Sylus use too much force that the casket hinges ended up breaking and the casket flew open.  A bird man was spotted inside the casket all tied up and looking really scared.  Geoffrey then went to cut the bonds of Redfeather whom then removed the gag from his own mouth.  Vladimir pondered what he was doing in a casket underwater, asked him what happened to him.  Redfeather, replied and said he had no recollection of what happened to him.

Geoffrey then gave Redfeather a piece of the boar which he accepted graciously.  Talon asked if Redfeather was injured which he was not.  Vladimir then warmed up to Redfeather invited him to the fire and Redfeather went to sit by it but stayed as far away from Vlad as possible.  The time by now was around six o’clock in the evening and Sylus asked what Redfeather’s skills are.  Redfeather responded that he was a rogue and will be able to fly.  The party then asked Redfeather if he would like to join the party and the quest.  Redfeather said he would enjoy being a part of the group and hoped that he could learn about what happened to him.  As nightfall approached Vlad, Zaigen, Geoffrey and Sylus decided to sleep, while Redfeather and Talon went exploring, they mainly found a lot of tall grass but on the other side of the lake they found footprints and skid marks of a casket.  But since it was too dark for them to do anything they decided to go back to camp and sleep.

Morning was now upon the group and they had awoken, it was a nice morning, beautiful sunrise, sunny skies, the lake was calm, but they all forgot to sleep with blankets and thus had mosquito bites all over them.  They regretted there decision to not use blankets but persevered as they had a quest to complete.  Talon told everyone about the tracks they found on the other side of the lake and both Vlad and Talon decided to track the tracks and everyone else followed.  They followed the tracks as it weaved through the small patch of trees and the field for about a mile.  They noticed that part of the tracks branched off but reconvened later on so nothing of the utmost importance.  As they continued to follow the tracks they finally reached the end of the tracks.  The tracks had led them directly to a tree and no further. 

There was a sword at the base of the tree and Vladimir asked Redfeather if he recognized the sword which he didn’t.  Redfeather took the sword anyways though.  Vladimir walked around the tree looking for more tracks and only found his own tracks that he had made and followed them in a circle.  Realizing what he was doing, he quickly stopped and then had Rasputin smell around for anything suspicious, but he found nothing as well.  Talon then examined the sword for markings but only found the stamp of the maker, which spelt the initials J.S. but he saw no value of it and handed it back to Redfeather.  Sylus then examined the rest of the forest and noticed a Druid circle with a few Druids there as well.  Sylus then told the rest of the group about the Druid circle and they headed east towards the circle.  Both Sylus and Redfeather went into stealth so they wouldn’t be seen.  The party arrived at the circle and noticed that there were seven druids in a circle with a mushroom floating in the middle.  It appeared that the druids were throwing moss at the mushroom and the mushroom grew a little in size each time it was hit by the moss.  A possible arch druid was spotted with a complete moss cape and Sylus stealthily approaches behind him.

The rest of the group went up to the circle and the druid’s spotted the party and chanted a few things and waved their hands and the mushroom disappears.  Geoffrey then proceeded to ask the druids if they had seen any suspicious activity lately.  The arch druid then asked the party what kind of suspicious they meant by and asked if they meant like Redfeather and pointed at him and Redfeather immediately unstealthed.  Geoffrey then said similar but that Redfeather was a friend.  The druid then responded that they had seen suspicious activity and Geoffrey asked where it had occurred.  The druid then said that the mushroom would tell them, and he waved his hands around and the mushroom reappeared.  He waved his hands again and the mushroom started to spin and slowly pointed up at the sky.  They all look up and notice two skeletons hanging from the trees.

The druid then said he forgot about those two and said they had been there for a week and had no idea how they got there.  He then told the party about how the mushroom they had was growing out of one of the skeleton’s foreheads.  Geoffreythen asked if he had seen anyone around here and the arch druid said he had and had his tree fling them east.  The arch druid then asked if the group had seen a mushroom like this before because he hadn’t.  Redfeather said he had abstract dreams about it beforehand but the rest of the party didn’t know anything about it.  The arch druid then explained the mushroom wasn’t like a normal mushroom and touched it with a branch and the mushroom absorbed the tree branch and grew.  Vladimir examined it and recognized it as a fungaloid and told everyone.  Talon then examined the mushroom and told everyone that it was a mushroom.  Zaigen then checked to see if it had any magical properties and saw that it had a magical property that disintegrated things and told the groups on his findings.  The arch druid then told the party that there used be eight druids but the eighth touched the mushroom and disappeared.

Ninja then stealthily waltzed out of the druid circle and the rest of the group left and decided to leave the mushroom with the druids since they already knew how to handle it.  The party then all continued in the direction they were told the tree flung the other people.  They all noticed a pile of bodies crumpled and slammed into the ground.  There were three of them and were all humans.  Sylus looted them and found a bunch of damaged objects but also an envelope, leather armor, and a blanket with potions of heal light wounds wrapped in them.  Sylus took everything and gave one potion to Talon and one to Redfeather.  He also gave the envelope to Redfeather who then opened it.

Inside the letter were three dried mushrooms and a letter.  The letter had the following contents in it: it is your job to deliver the items, the bird man must be disposed of as he knows what the mushrooms can do, the mushrooms activate by water, and to dispose of John and Robert as they are dim wits and are useless now.  Redfeather told the rest of the group about what the letter said and Vladimir wanted to inspect one of the mushrooms.  Redfeather pulled one out and held it out for Vladimir to look at it however as Vladimir leaned in to look at it he sneezed right on the mushroom.  A booger landed on the mushroom and the booger started to be absorbed by the mushroom but only the part that touched the booger was bigger.  Now only the swollen part of the mushroom had gotten hydrated and was dangerous to touch.  Zaigen then casted a floating disk and Redfeather placed the mushroom on the disk but a breeze started to blow it off and so Redfeather carefully placed it into one of Ninja’s vials and Sylus was then exposed and lost his stealth.

The group then decided to go back to the druids and tell them of their findings.  The druids noticed Sylus and asked if he had grown out of the ground and Sylus said no but that they found another mushroom and handed the vial containing the mushroom.  The arch druid noticed the glass container and said that he never thought of containing it with glass.  He then asked another druid if they had any glass who told him know.  The group also told him that the skeletons were named John and Robert and the druid then repeated the names.  The druid then asked if the party had anymore and Redfeather reluctantly handed the arch druid the other two in the envelope.  He then told the group that the mushrooms were dangerous and asked if the party touched them.  Redfeather said he had touched them and the arch druid then examined his hands and stated that he wasn’t going to die.

The party then told the druids about how the mushrooms needed to be hydrated and the arch druid then asked for water which Redfeather supplied.  The druid then poured water in the vial containing the mushroom and the mushroom grew and filled the vial.  However, the mushroom wasn’t touching the cork and the druid tried to get it to touch the cork as everyone now thought it would disintegrate organic materials but he couldn’t get the cork and mushroom to touch.  The arch druid then asked another druid for a stick and took the cork off and poked the mushroom with the stick, but nothing happened.  He then had the stick continuously touching the mushroom and the stick was quickly absorbed by the mushroom which was now budging out of the vial.  Geoffrey then told everyone his observation that only organic things can be absorbed.  Talon then pulled out a crowbar and touched the mushroom with the crowbar and nothing happened.  Vladimir then suggested to combine the two mushrooms and everyone else in the party disagreed but the arch druid did it anyway.

The mushroom in the vial transferred out of the vial which then fell to the ground and shattered and now there was one giant mushroom floating in the air.  The party then debated on what would happen if all mushrooms were combined.  Vladimir was for it and decided to tell the arch druid to do it which he did and the mushroom was now the size of a Talon.  Geoffrey then decided to ask the druids if they knew about the Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature and the arch druid then told him that the question was very ambiguous and thus he didn’t know anything about it.  Vladimir thought that now that all four mushrooms had been combined that the mushroom may have changed properties and could now absorb inorganic materials.  With the approval of Zaigen, he picked up a shard of glass and stabbed it into the mushroom so it would stay in there but the glass popped back out.

Talon then asked the arch druid if anything strange had happened in the forest lately and the druid told him that someone had cut a circle of grass near the lake, but other than that, he and the other druids had been too preoccupied with the mushroom.  The group then debates on what would happen if the mushroom came into contact with the ground.  Everyone came to the conclusion that the world would end and Vladimir wanted that to happen so he suggested they do it but the rest of group argued against it.  Talon then asked the druids if they had a pot, the arch druid looked perplexed and asked if he meant drugs but then said he had a cast iron boiling pot.  He then asked Talon why and Talon explained that they could put some dirt in it as well as the mushroom and see what happened.  Vladimir still wanted to put in on the ground.

Geoffrey intimidated Vladimir so he no longer had any of those ideas and the druids then waved their hands and the mushroom fell into the pot with the dirt.  The mushroom grew just enough to be noticed but then everyone noticed the dirt being pushed out of the pot.  The group then realized that it consumed what little plant life there was in the dirt and more arguing occurred in the party.  Vlad then intimidated Talon so he would no longer argue against putting it in the ground and Talon was a little shaken by Vladimir.  Sylus then used stealth so no one could intimidate him, and Geoffrey used charmer and used it to make Vladimir and Talon stop arguing and Vladimir started to cooperate.  However, Talon still won’t do anything.

Meanwhile, while the party of heroes was arguing the druids had decided that the only thing left they could do is put it on the actual ground.  So the waved their hands around and the mushroom came out of the pot and fell to the ground.  The party, scared of what was going to happen started to back up away from the mushroom, which started to grow bigger and bigger until it stopped.  Its full size was just a bit larger than the druid circle and it now had a doorway and inside the mushroom was very dark. 

Vladimir started gloating that he was right all along.  Zaigen used his dark vision to see inside the mushroom and saw what appeared to be a small tavern and told everyone. Sylus stealthed inside the mushroom and saw the same.  Then, the inside of the mushroom started to miraculously illuminate on the inside and everyone was now able to see the tavern inside.  They also spotted the barkeep who looked like two men, combined into one.  One half of his face was someone and the other half another.  The barkeep spotted everyone in the group besides Sylus and greeted them with a good nature and said his name was Jobert.  The party had by now all noticed that there were four dehydrated mushrooms on the bar within reach of Jobert.

Curious about the tavern and wanting to learn more the party nominated Geoffrey to go speak to Jobert.  Geoffrey then asked what Jobert knew and he said that it was a biological tavern and that he was half John and half Robert, but has no recollection of these men.  He also stated that he hadn’t much more information because he just started working on the morning of that day.  Geoffrey asked what kind of drinks Jobert had, and sadly he didn’t know.  Redfeather after being spotted by Jobert the Barkeep decided to get the druids and left the tavern.  Sylus however, more intrigued by the mushrooms on the bar positioned himself closer to them.

Geoffrey then asked the question everyone in the party had on their minds and asks about the mushrooms and if the party could take them.  Jobert tells Geoffrey and the rest of the party that they were the same mushroom as the one the tavern was inside and that no one is allowed to take them.  After Sylus heard this, he slowly, sneakily reached for one of the mushrooms, but Jobert saw through his stealth and quickly grabbed Ninja’s hand just as Sylus grabbed a mushroom.  Jobert then said in a slightly threatening voice that he had told the party to not take the mushrooms.

Vladimir still wanting the mushroom asked if they were for sale, and Jobert said no.  Sylus then dropped the mushroom and Jobert let go of Ninja’s hand.  Talon then inspected Jobert for any weapons of any kind and found none, but took into account of Jobert’s reflexes and told the party.  Ninja, depressed that he was caught left the tavern and saw the druids and Redfeather gathered outside.  Geoff, then trying to get back on to Jobert’s good side asked for the oldest scotch Jobert had.  Jobert turned around and started perusing the vast selection of bottles.  Sylus then tried to create a diversion and told the druid about free drinks in the tavern but they all declined.  Sylus a little saddened that his plan had failed walked back in.  Sylus went back into stealth as Jobert is turned around and busy with looking for Geoff’s drink, however, Jobert still noticed Ninja’s attempt at the mushrooms again and Sylus sat down at a nearby table.

Jobert finally found the drink he is looking for and gives Geoffrey a glass.  Geoffrey asked how much the drink was, and Jobert looked perplexed as he didn’t know what currency it should be in.  Geoffrey then told him gold would be the best choice.  Jobert agreed with that statement but then said the drinks were free anyway.  Geoffrey then happily drank his scotch and Redfeather ordered a glass of red wine.  After he drank his wine Redfeather bent behind the bar and went into stealth.  Meanwhile Talon asked for scotch as well and Jobert took the glass out of Geoff’s hands and gave it to Talon.  Redfeather then sneaked around behind the barkeep and then stabbed his sword through Jobert.

Jobert is not fazed by this and turned around and stared right into Redfeather’s eyes and Redfeather was then wrapped by a bunch of vines and Jobert asks Redfeather why he did that.  Redfeather responded that he wanted the mushroom, curious by his intent, Jobert asked why, and Redfeather told him just in case.  The party then debated on whether or not to leave Redfeather behind and not anger Jobert anymore.  Vladimir was all for leaving him behind as he didn’t like Redfeather anyway and Talon agreed with him but Zaigen argued with them.  Sylus took out two crowbars and prepared to throw them but Jobert turned around and told Sylus he was taking aggressive action.  Geoffrey tried to diffuse the situation but it did not succeed.

Ninja sensed just what Jobert’s motives were and noticed that they were always in self-defense.  Talon then asked Jobert what the group could do to make the situation better and Jobert demanded flesh.  He then told the group he was joking and asked if they were willing to do something ambiguous.  The party got eager as they thought this was the quest they were sent out to do.  He told the party of a rock that smelt of pineapple and that it was hidden somewhere.  He told the party to travel east for two miles and then turn left at a petrified horse.  Travel for a mile and a half and they’ll find a cave that has a bunch of stuff in it as well as the rock.  He said he needed the rock or else he and the tavern would wither and die in two days’ time.  Talon asked Jobert if he would release Redfeather as he was an important member to the party.  Jobert agreed and released Redfeather.  The party left the tavern and as they left they heard the druids talking amongst themselves and looking at the mushroom.

The party then departed on their journey and eventually found themselves on a path in the forest.  This path was surrounded by trees and both Sylus and Talon had gotten a bad feeling about it.  Just as they told the group what they thought two spiders appeared from either side of the path.  Geoffrey checked to see if there was anything else in front of the group and Talon did the same for behind.  They both found nothing and combat had ensued.  Ninja, Geoff, Vladimir, and Rasputin all charged after the spider coming from there left while Redfeather, Talon, and Zaigen charged the one coming from the right.  Vladimir and Rasputin badly wounded the first spider but it retaliated and poisoned Vladimir of his strength and caught both him and Rasputin under a web, and they were now stuck.  Meanwhile, Zaigen wanted to use Fire Sphere but couldn’t as his allies were always too close to the spider.  The second spider also badly wounded Redfeather.  Geoffrey then killed the first spider splitting its head clean open and then the second spider charged after Geoffrey but the tripped and killed itself.

Redfeather, Talon, and Geoffrey all try to get Vladimir out of the web before he dies from the strength poison, but Zaigen and Sylus argue to give him anti-toxin first and then free him.  Redfeather ignored the pleas of the sorcerer and the ninja, and tried to free Vlad and Rasputin but failed.  Geoffrey then tried next and successfully freed them but by then enough time had passed and Vladimir suffered more from the strength poison.  Vladimir was then given some anti-toxin by Sylus and the poison was stopped but not cured.  The party then agreed to go back to Absalom.

Back in Absalom the Vladimir healed and cured himself.  Redfeather then asked the cleric if he could curse people.  The cleric looked a little confused and then scolded Redfeather for asking him such a stupid question.  Redfeather then asked the cleric to heal him and the cleric did but not without charging extra for the ridiculous question.  Talon also healed himself for being injured back when Vladimir accidentally hit him.  The party then decided to restock and maybe enchant or purchase some arms and armor.  Also while the party was there Red became a member of the adventurer’s pact and received a membership card.

A full day has now passed since the group first received the quest and only had another twenty-four hours to finish turn the stone into Jobart or he would die.  They continued their quest again and headed east.  They eventually came across the petrified horse described by Jobart.  Talon tried to determine if it was the petrified horse they were looking for but can’t tell.  Luckily both Geoffrey and Diplomat determined that it was indeed the petrified horse they had been looking for.  However, none of the travelers could remember the next set of instructions that Jobart gave them, save for one.  Zaigen the sorcerer had remembered and told the rest of the party to turn left and travel one and a half miles and then look for a cave.

The party followed suit and came across two caves, each with a sign in front of them.  The one on the left read the other dungeon will lead to your death this dungeon will lead to your success.  The other sign read this dungeon will lead to your success both dungeons signs may lie.  Sylus read the sign on the right and told the rest of the party.  Talon read the sign on the left and also told the party.  Zaigen used his darkvision to see down the caves and saw nothing, Redfeather also tried but also saw nothing.  Sylus threw his everburning torch in the cave to the left but the darkness covered the torch and no one was able to see it anymore.

Redfeather, decided to be brave and boldly entered the cave on the left, eventually he came to a fork in the cave.  He gave a look around to decide which way he should go, but as he was looking he couldn’t remember which tunnel he entered from and decided to go down the one on his left.  He came to another impasse this time with three tunnels and the one he came from.  He took a look around and forgot which tunnel he came from and this time goes down the one on his right.  This occurred for quite some time.

Meanwhile the rest of the party didn’t know what they should do, so Talon went down the cave on the right and comes to a large room that has three tunnels, one of which he came from.  He couldn’t see anything down the hallways and also forgot which tunnel he came from.  Meanwhile after half an hour Redfeather decided to finally pull out his torch and Vladimir yelled down the cave Talon went in to see if he found anything.  Talon heard Vladimir’s voice but can’t tell where it came from.  Redfeather noticed that down one tunnel he could see a bit farther and decided to go down that passageway.  Talon went down the channel on his left and came to a fork as well.  He couldn’t see anything special about the passages but did remember which way he came from this time.  Talon went down the tunnel on his right and couldn’t see anything.

By now and hour had almost gone by and Redfeather took out a crowbar and chiseled a mark on the wall to his right side and successfully orients himself after scanning the other tunnels.  Meanwhile the four heroes outside finally decide to split up, Vladimir and Geoff, with Rasputin, followed after Talon and Zaigen and Sylus followed in pursuit of Redfeather.  Sylus started yelling down the cave to see if he would get any response but he didn’t.  Vlad used the blood he had on his sword from cutting Talon to have Rasputin try and track him but Rasputin can’t pick up Talon’s scent.  Sylus and Zaigen lost their orientation and they agreed to go down the tunnel on their right and reached an intersection.  Sylus checked the other tunnels while Zaigen stays by the tunnel they just came from as to mark it and Sylus couldn’t see anything.

While all this was going on Talon saw a tunnel that was brighter than the rest and went down it and found Redfeather.  Sylus and Zaigen both got lost again and decided to follow the pattern patter of right, left, right, left, etc.  Vladimir and Geoffreyhad now traveled some ways in the cave and noticed a tunnel that was brighter than the rest.  They thought it might be the exit so they went to it but found Talon and Redfeather instead, but little do they know their quest is almost complete.

As the two pairs found each other Sylus and Zaigen ended up in a giant room with two pedestals.  Each pedestal has a yellow stone on it and the stones look identical except for some markings on it.  The stone on the left read I’m real the other one is lying the one on the right read I’m fake the other one is lying.  Both of them were perplexed by this riddle and Zaigen tried to detect magic but only detected magic on the entryway and found out that once they left the room they will not be where they once were.  Eventually Zaigen messaged the group and Vladimir told Zaigen to smell the rocks as the real one would smell like pineapple.  Zaigen told the Sylus what Vladimir said and Zaigen smelt the one on the left and Sylus smelt the one on the right.

Ninja told Zaigen that his smelt of pineapple and Zaigen said his didn’t.  Sylus grabbed the stone on the right and they left the room.  They then found themselves in a tunnel, the way they are facing had light and the way they came doesn’t.  They decided to go towards the light and find themselves outside the caves.  By then the party had only four hours to turn in the stone, just enough time to go to Jobart and give it to him, they agreed to leave their friends behind and turn in the stone.  Eventually the other four get out of the caves but Sylus and Zaigen are nowhere to be found but Rasputin spotted their scent and followed it.

Sylus and Zaigen made it back to the tavern in the giant mushroom and gave the stone to Jobert.  He looked very sick and withered as well as the mushroom.  Once given the mushroom, Jobert cracked the stone and powder came out of the rock.  He smelt the powder and life was restored to not only him but the tavern as well and everything smelt of pineapple.  Jobert thanked the two and asked where the rest of the party was at.  Zaigen messaged them again asking where they were, Geoffrey responded stating they were on their way back.

Once the other four arrived Jobert thanked all six heroes and as payment handed each of them a small mushroom.  He told them it won’t grow, but other than that he won’t say what it would do.  Talon tried to detect what it could do but was unsuccessful.  Zaigen detected magical properties from the mushroom and learned that it is called the mushroom of ambiguous nourishment.  Redfeather ate about a quarter of the mushroom and felt power surging through his body.  The party returned to Absalom and as they were returning they noticed that the druids were no longer at the mushroom.

The group returned to the tavern to sleep and noticed quite a few adventurers there.  With Rasputin outside everyone rented a room and Sylus tried to sneak into Vladimir’s room but the ranger spotted him.  Sylus decided to sleep in that room anyways.  Everyone woke up the following morning to find breakfast downstairs.  Everyone had a really good breakfast and it all seemed normal except for Talon who felt something hard in his breakfast.  He removed the object from his mouth and noticed it was some gold and he pockets it.

The party then remembered that they had to still finish the Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature.  They agreed that the best approach to try and complete it was to go back to the grove that contained the druids.  The party recognized almost immediately upon their arrival that the druids were nowhere to be found.  Vladimir took a quick gander around the grove to see if he could locate the druids’ path of exit but just saw footprints all over the place.  Talon also tried to locate them but was unsuccessful.  Meanwhile, Rasputin was sniffing around the grove and smelt an odd aroma from Jobert’s tavern.

The group walked into the tavern and was cheerfully greeted by Jobert.  Jobert asked if they were ready; confused the collection of adventurers asked what exactly they were ready for.  Jobert asked if they noticed the lack of druids outside and the party said that they did indeed notice that.  Jobert then asked if that’s not why the party was there.  The party then asked what had happened and Jobert explained.  Another group of druids had come in and slaughtered all the mushroom druids.  He then told the group that these murderous druids lived in a little village past the Cave of Mazes.

Geoffrey, thought that Jobert wasn’t telling the truth and asked Jobert what was really going on and Jobert stared right at the diplomatic rogue and scared him.  Sylus who was stealthily moving through the tavern was spotted by Jobert and Jobert asked him what he was doing.  The ninja ashamed he was noticed just sat down at one of the tables.  Vladimir, agreed with Geoffrey’s thoughts that Jobert wasn’t disclosing everything and tried to intimidate him but Vladimir just got wacked in the head with a tree.  The group then decided to go and deal with the murderous and Zaigen, the last one to leave, was given a bag by Jobert.  Jobert said to take them and he’ll know when to use them.  Zaigen detected that inside the bag was seven potions that cast grace and give strength.  He then told the group and handed each group member but noticed there is an extra he decided to hold on to it for safe keeping.

As the group walks down the path that they had walked the day before and where they fought the spiders there were none to be found, none living nor dead.  The group then reached the Cave of Mazes and continued down the path and reached a forest.  Some members of the group noticed someone following them and Geoffrey noticed a druid grove and a bunch of druids there.  The person following the adventurers approached them.  Everyone immediately was hostile to him as he was a druid and they didn’t know if he was one of the murderers.  Geoffrey asked the druid who he is and the Druid told the party his name, Ryo.  Ryo then said that he was sent by Jobert and here to help kill the druids.  Still wanting to know Jobert’s motives the party asked if he knew why the druids needed to be killed and Ryo didn’t know the answer.

Geoffrey thought that he was telling the truth and didn’t want to kill him.  Vladimir also noted that Jobert had given them seven potions so he must be the seventh guy.  Zaigen agreed and handed him the last potion and told him what it does.  Redfeather, curious on his contents, attempted to look through Ryo’s inventory but was caught.  A velociraptor then came out of Ryo’s backpack and attacked Redfeather.  As chaos was about to ensue, the party heard chanting coming from the druids.  They approached the edge of the circle and they weren’t noticed.  Both Redfeather and Ninja sneaked around one of the huts, ready to flank if need be.

As the rest of the group planned on how to approach the druids the druid circled started glowing.  Both Ryo and Zaigen couldn’t identify what exactly they were doing.  Both Redfeather and Ninja heard chanting from the big hut and it started glowing with the druid circle.  Both Geoffrey and Ryo were nominated to go and try to figure out what has been going on.  Whether they killed the druids, or if Jobert was lying to the party.  As the pair walked up to the druids chanting outside, they noticed them but continued to chant.  Ryo then asked in Druic what is going on and the druids ignore him.  The druids talked amongst them and as they were talking to each other a druid with a bow drawn came out of the giant, glowing hut.

Ryo started to play translator for the druid and Geoffrey.  The druid asked what they were doing and told them to leave.  After everyone saw the druid with the bow they all decided to drink the potions given by Jobert.  Geoffrey then proceeded to say that they weren’t there to harm them and Ryo translated but the rest of the group didn’t hear Geoffrey say that and Ninja sneaked up to the hut he was near to and cut a slit in it.  By then, the ritual outside had stopped and the druid circle stopped glowing but the hut continued to shine.  Redfeather moved behind one of the druids and instead of attacking him only hit the dirt on the ground and flung it on the druid.

Immediately realizing that a fight was about to occur and the party would be in danger, Zaigen fired some magic missiles at one of the druids and knocked it down.  The druid right in front of Redfeather turned around and Redfeather swung at him.  But he lost his grip and threw his sword, it flew across the druid circle and landed right between the legs of Geoffrey.  One of the druids went back to the big, glowing hut and said a few inaudible words.  One of the party members noticed him leave and tried to tell the rest of the group but no one understood him.

After some battling happened one of the druids turned into a bird and flew into a hut on the far side of the druid circle in relation to the party.  Another turned into a bear and came to the aid of the wounded druid.  Some more fighting occurs around the druid circle.  Finally, the party no longer heard any chanting coming from the giant hut stopped and it also stopped glowing.  A druid walked out of the hut and was immediately targeted by Zaigen but the druid canceled Zaigen’s spells.  Meanwhile Sylus sneaked into the hut that the bird druid flew into and sliced the head off the druid and stabbed a baby in a little carriage.  The druid countered with a massive fire blast that got Rasputin, Talon, Redfeather, and knocked Ryo unconscious.

By now, some of the druids had already been killed but the party still had a challenge in front of them and had seen some children in the huts.  Vladimir saw three children in one hut particular and yelled out to warn the party that there were children in that hut.  However, the party was still in disarray and couldn’t understand each other, and when Vladimir welled children, everyone else heard wolves.  Zaigen, was the first to respond to the “threat” and casted a flaming sphere on the hut containing, what he thought was wolves.

The battle is quickly ended after that as the rest of the druids seemed to have fled the premise.  Ryo and his dinosaur were eventually awoken as well as Redfeather, whom got knocked out near the end.  Talon, not wanting to deal with another battle like that again, immediately tore his card and returned to the adventurer’s pact.  The party then wandered around the battlefield looting the dead druids and looked for any signs of what they exactly interrupted.  Sylus walked up to the burnt hut and found a pile of ash with three corpses of children.  Zaigen after hearing what he did, broke down and wanted Jobert to ask Jobert some questions.

Sylus then walked into the giant hut and saw that some form of ritual was being performed with three dead bodies and found 400 platinum.  Zaigen, Vladimir, and Geoffrey all walked in to find Sylus taking the platinum.  Vladimir and Geoffrey both convinced Sylus to share it among the four which he did.  They all then exit the hut to talk with the rest of the party what to do next.  Redfeather decided on his own to go hide in a tree and sleep through the rest of the evening.  Sylus, wanted to return to Absalom via the Adventurer’s Pact card and tore it, but nothing happened.  Defeated that he couldn’t return then wandered some more around the druid circle and found Redfeather’s sword, he picked it up and put it in his bag of holding, which caused it to rip on the inside, thus destroying all its contents.

Sylus, also defeated broke down into tears.  Vladimir decided to start a campfire and went off to collect some firewood.  Meanwhile Ryo decided to enter the big hut and immediately could tell that a funeral was taking place.  Vladimir returned with just enough firewood for the night and also placed traps around.  Ryo saw the dead bodies and wondered that if he ate a druid, would he then gain that druid’s powers.  The only thing he thought he should do was to eat the bodies and find out.  He used obscuring mist as an attempt to conceal himself but the mist started to go outside.  Perplexed that a hut that was once glowing, and then mist, Zaigen was able to detect that the mist came from a conjuration spell.  He then told Vladimir and Sylus that it was a spell and Sylus decided to check out what was going with Zaigen. 

As they entered the hut, Sylus saw a shadow moving around the corpses and Ryo heard something in the room and drew his sword and started to disguise himself as Geoffrey Bearpark.  Sylus drew his sword and saw through Ryo’s disguise and saw that he was eating the dead people.  Sylus asked Ryo what he was doing and Ryo panicked and started to cast charm on him.  Ninja, thought Ryo was attacking him, and counterattacked with the hilt of his sword.  Ryo got hit by the hilt and the grabbed Sylus’s arm and hit himself again.  Ryo now fell unconscious and Zaigen saw what happened but was still confused asked Sylus what happened.  Sylus said that Ryo tried to kill him and Zai believed him.  Meanwhile, Vladimir had checked his traps and caught some rabbits.

Sylus then proceeded to loot Ryo and took his bedroll, water skin, and his belt.  Vladimir heard noises from the forest and Ryo woke up.  Ryo noticed his stuff on the floor and before he could ask why, Sylus asked what Ryo was doing.  Ryo then said he was finishing the ritual and Zaigen walked out and told Vladimir what happened.  Sylus decided to leave the hut as well.  Ryo then proceeded to eat the dead people again and this time Vladimir, Geoffrey, and Zaigen heard the crunching of bones and walk back towards the great hut.  When they entered they saw Ryo breaking a leg off and blood at the mouth.

Vladimir wandered if Ryo would kill him in order to eat him or if he just eats people cause.  Ryo said that he would eat people just because and Vladimir didn’t really care so he left.  Zaigen horrified that by the sight left with Vladimir.  Geoffrey though, went around and snuck behind Ryo and sat right on one of the dead bodies.  A brief struggle ensued and Geoffrey convinced Ryo to stop.  Everyone then goes to sleep with Rasputin keeping watch.

As everyone woke up the next morning, they debated on what to do next.  Vladimir was a little disappointed to find Rasputin sleeping but couldn’t stay mad for long.  Sylus wanted to return Absalom as he wanted to rebuy everything he had lost.  As the party walked back, they came across the spiders they had fought when looking for the stone and found a sentient sword in one of them.  They decide to figure out who would get it later, and put it on Rasputin.  They continued down the path and found Jobert standing outside his tavern, he first saw the sword tied to Rasputin and thanked the party for finding his sword.  Vladimir said that it was his sword, and Jobert, menacingly said that it was his and Vladimir gave the sword to him.

Sylus, angered by the fact that the potion didn’t do what the party believed it did, asked quite angrily what was in the potion.  Jobert, puzzled, said that it was a potion of protection of evil.  Zaigen, still with a heavy burden asked why there were children present.  Jobert said that the children were captives and thought that it was obvious that the druids would have captives.  Jobert, a little disappointed in the so-called adventurer’s, said that he had the reward inside the tavern.  Everyone entered the giant mushroom and was said he was disappointed that they couldn’t save the druid children.  Zaigen was very disappointed in himself and felt very remorseful.

Jobert asked the party to recount their journey which they did.  Jobert said that he was very disappointed in these people who make a living off of adventure.  Redfeather tried to make an argument by telling Jobert that they almost died but Jobert countered with the fact that they are adventurers and should be used to that.  Jobert then told the party that he would go upstairs and said for them to not touch anything, he then went upstairs to get the reward for the party.  While Jobert was gone, Redfeather went behind the counter of the tavern and saw some bags that looked really expensive.  He attempted to pick one up and an alarm went off.  Meanwhile, Geoffrey, Vladimir, and Zaigen were sitting down at a table making it obvious they weren’t touching anything and Sylus was stealthed the entire time.

The sound of a door slamming comes from the upstairs of the tavern and Jobert came bursting down the stairs and asked Redfeather what he was doing.  Redfeather said he wanted to know what was in the bag and a stool came out and knocked Redfeather down.  Jobert looked right at Sylus and asked him what he was doing and told him to join the three at the table.  He then casted a spell and no one was able to move, Jobert then went back upstairs..  Vladimir, Geoffrey, and Zaigen are still talking to each other and Jobert came back down with six bags and placed them on the table and said here’s the reward.  Vladimir thanked him and asked if they could move and see what was in the bag.  Everyone saw that it was 8,000 in gold.

Sylus then started to leave for the door and Jobert stopped him.  He told the group that he doesn’t believe that Redfeather should be traveling with the group.  Sylus, after he heard that, took Redfeather’s bag of gold and Jobert told him to share it with the rest of the group.  Jobert then asked if the group would like to continue helping him.  Ryo asked if he would be able to eat more people.  Jobert then told the other four that he hoped they would share it among them.  Jobert then asked the group if they would like to stay at the tavern for the night, and also take the next job.  The party then asked the barkeep about specifics of the job.  Jobert then replied that he had complete faith in five of them, and glared at Redfeather.  The party then all went to bed in separate rooms.

The following morning everyone, except for Vladimir and Zaigen woke up to a strange smell.  Sylus, immediately recognized that the smell wasn’t good and might kill the group.  He yelled for the party to leave the tavern and looked for any doors that weren’t open.  Geoffrey was the first to go down the stairs and saw Jobert.  Sylus woke up the two that were still asleep and told them that they needed to leave.  Everyone was now downstairs and one by one was leaving the tavern for some fresh air.  Jobert went outside and told the party that breakfast was ready.  The party walked back in but the smell was even stronger this time.  Sylus proceeded to go back outside but Jobert stopped him and asked if it was the smell.  Sylus responded with a definitive yes.

Jobert apologized and said it was his fungus and that he’ll turn it off.  Sylus then asked Zaigen to detect any magic and Zai detected that it was some form of enhancement beyond his comprehension.  Redfeather then asked Jobert for another sword and Jobert asked what happened to his original sword.  Redfeather said that it was put in a bag of holding and ripped the bag, Jobert dumbfounded by what was said, told Redfeather that he would get him a second weapon.  Everyone started to eat their breakfast and Jobert came back downstairs and tossed a dagger to Redfeather and hit him.  Jobert told the adventurers that the grove was passed the previous one and asked that the group would try not to kill the hostages again.  He also said he would reward the party for finding out what the ritual was.

Everyone then left the tavern and went on their marry way.  Upon exit, Geoffrey noticed the forest was just slightly different than when they entered the tavern.  Vladimir made a quick look around and noticed the path was walked on a little bit more than normal.  Zaigen attempted to detect any magic and there wasn’t any.  The party continues on just thinking about it a little bit and reached the point where the caves would be, however, there were no caves.

They thought how odd that was and walked a little bit more and found the caves, and it almost looks as if the caves had moved.  Chaos started to ensue on the party, Vladimir thought that it was noon, but everyone else still thought it was morning.  Geoffrey then saw that the caves were gone, but then saw them again, Zaigen then couldn’t find the caves either.  Geoffrey then thought he was in the sky and Sylus tried to stealth in the shadow of the tree but started chasing the shadow around the tree.  Redfeather also became convinced he needed to follow the shadow around the tree.  Vladimir tried to intimidate Geoffrey into his senses but saw something scarier and got scared himself.

Everyone then snapped out of it and continued down the path.  Zaigen and Sylus passed out for being so confused and Vladimir tied them to Rasputin.  They continued down the path and the trees were getting thicker.   Eventually the trees started wrapping around the path and started to suffocate the party.  Ryo snuck behind Rasputin to try and eat the ninja or the sorcerer but they were all teleported to the god arena before anything else could happen.

The gods dismissed everyone and sent them all back, however, not everyone was with who they came with.  Also they weren’t sent back to where they had come from either.  Zaigen, Vladimir, Rasputin, Geoffrey, and Ryo all found themselves in a dilapidated kitchen.  It was a very large kitchen with an island in the middle, a bunch of cabinets and ovens and two windows that were boarded up.  The group talked about how they got there and how they were going to get out.  Vladimir looked around and noticed three doors, one lead to a pantry, one lead to an ice room, and the last appeared to lead outside.  Sylus immediately went for the pantry for food and only found a lot of flour and rotting vegetables.  Vladimir checked the ice room and noticed a lot of ice, water, and partially spoiled meat.

The party then opened the last door, and a wall was blocking the exit.  Ryo examined the wall and noticed it was made out of stone that was placed there on purpose.  The party then decided to try the windows, Rasputin broke down the planks on the window over the sink and everyone noticed that outside was a desert.  Rasputin did cut himself on one of the windows and Zaigen did successfully stop the bleeding.  Geoffrey then tore down the boards on the other window and popped out both panes of glass in the window.  Geoffrey looked through the empty window and saw a restaurant with a few skeletons and Sylus is held down by one of the skeletons.  Everyone goes through the window except for Zaigen who dived through the window and rolled with his face just inches away of a table with a ring resting on it.  Zaigen detected that the ring had a form of sustenance on it and put it on thinking that it would make him not have to eat, however, after putting on the ring he was now starving.

Sylus woke up underneath the skeleton and asked the party what happened.  They had no idea and told Sylus.  They examine the restaurant some more and saw the entry for it had two glass doors and beyond them was more desert.  Geoffrey saw a brick wall instead of desert and told everyone but no one believed him.  The rest of the party is now convinced that Geoffrey is going crazy, and Sylus is convinced that the Diplomat is a liar and can no longer be trusted.  Zaigen then reached for some sand in the restaurant and started to eat it but came to his senses and stopped.

Vladimir investigated the room and noticed a ring on a table next to one of the skeletons, Zaigen examined it and noticed that it was the same ring as the one he had put on his finger.  Sylus also looked through the room and found that there were a lot of rings and accidentally put one on.  The group does and count and found out that including the ones in possession there were a total of 54 rings that made people starve.  Geoffrey then went back to the door that everyone else thought lead outside and tried to pick the lock but failed.  He then examined the door and noticed it was an adamantine door and turned around and realized they were in a warehouse.  He told the party and everyone was then confused by what he said.

The adventurers started arguing and noticed another door next to the window they came from.  Sylus goes to the door and opened it and found a small room.  He walked into the room and noticed a cauldron with steam and it smelt fantastic.  He went to eat it and then stopped himself after realizing how suspicious it was.  He called the rest of the group over and everyone walked in.  Geoffrey immediately saw that the contents of the cauldron were people.  Zaigen went for the soup but Geoffrey stopped him and told everyone that it was a soup full of people.  Disgusted by the soup Geoffrey left the room.

Ryo then looked for the ladle and found it.  Sylus found some vegetables and split it with Zaigen.  Vladimr also found a meat grinder and Sylus found a chopping block.  Ryo then stirred the soup and tasted some of it.  It burnt his mouth and his mouth started to disintegrate and Zaigen tried to stop it but didn’t know what to do.  Ryo then disintegrated and everyone thought he was dead.  However, Ryo woke up in a dark room.  The rest of the party was now horrified as Ryo turned into the soup and it moved into the rest of the soup.

Zaigen detected that the soup was magical and had a necromancy aura around it.  Ryo then heard a whisper from a spirit.  Zaigen told the party that the soup had necromancy properties and was evil.  Ryo then started to feel awkwardly squishy and he wasn’t sure how he got there but knew that the soup tasted good.  The group then noticed that the door was no longer there and they were trapped.  Geoffrey noticed the door on his side was also missing.  Zaigen used message to try and establish contact with Geoffrey but got into contact with someone else.

A conversation occurs between the sorcerer and the unkown person, but they both exchanged their names, his name was Sam.  Zaigen told the party what had happened and Vladimir suggested that maybe he knew how to get out and ask him that.  Zaigen was a little cautious not knowing who he was but then Sam said that Vladimir was right.  Zaigen confused on how he knew what Vladimir said then asked how he was communicating and Sam said he was doing it telepathically.  Zaigen told the party this and they came to the conclusion that he was a deity of some sort.  Sam then told the whole group, minus Geoffrey, that he could help but didn’t want to.  Sylus asked what they could do to change his mind, and Sam said that they could confess their loyalty to him or that they could amuse him and the last one left I might be able to leave.

The party talks about what they were going to do and before they could decide, Sam said he was going to bring a friend and the door reappeared.  Zaigen asked what kind of deity Sam was and he responded he was a bored deity.  Geoffrey opened the door on his side and saw a hallway with an Aasimar Bard and another door on the other side.  Vladimir opened the door on his side and saw the same bard and Geoffrey.  Vladimir motioned both of them to come over and David, the bard, started walking towards Vladimir as he also saw Zaigen and recognized him as another Aasimar. 

Vladimir and Geoffrey argue a bit on whether or not Geoffrey should come over and as they do the hallway started to shrink.  Sam had stopped responding to the party and David asked Zaigen what was going on and he brought him up to speed and David said he knows of no deity named Sam.  Vladimir went back into the room with the cauldron and the hallway was no more but the door still existed.  Meanwhile, a door appeared in front of Ryo and he walked through and was now in a really nice party.  Ryo joined the party and saw a throne with a man sat upon it.

Vladimir asked David if he knew where he came from and he had no idea.  Ryo tried to entertain the man on the throne and go him to open his eyes but all the man said was that it was boring him and for him to entertain him.  Ryo didn’t know how to entertain him and so he summoned an iguana dog and the man turned the iguana into a chicken leg.  Ryo interested by the magic asked how he did that and the man said he could show him and turned Ryo into a biscuit.  Ryo turned back to normal and just stared at the man in fear.  Sylus called out for Sam and he responded with what and the man in front of Ryo said what.  Sylus asked how they would get out of their and Ryo asked who he was.  Everyone heard him say that he was Sam the deity of feasts.

Sylus, after he heard this asked for a biscuit, and Vladimir felt a biscuit in his pocket and gave it the ninja.  Ryo asked Sam the limit of his power and Sam said there was none.  Ryo asked if Sam allowed cannibalism and Sam pondered the question and said that for the most part no.  Ryo asked if it was ok for him to have a feast on one of Sam’s party guest and Sam told him not right now.  Vladimir brought back up the entertainment of Sylus and asked if there was a reward.  Sam said he may let them leave or turn them into amazing pudding.  David then performed a song and Sam felt a little bit entertained.

Ryo asked how he could enjoy the feast and Sam said there needed to be a feast and he could enjoy it.  Vladimir asked about Ryo and Sam said Ryo was right in front of him.  Vladimir asked if they could get Ryo back and Sam says he could join Ryo by eating the soup.  Sylus jumped in the soup and screamed in agony and then found himself in a dark room.  Vladimir asked if Sylus was with Sam and Sam said he wasn’t done cooking yet.  Geoffrey tried to convince Sam to return Ryo and Sylus but failed.  Ryo walked around the room for a while and then asked Sam what he would like for an offering and Sam said he would like to be worshipped and Ryo started worshipping him.  Ryo then summoned a dinosaur and Sam turned it into a bowl of mash potatoes.

A door appeared in front of Sylus and he walked through and saw Ryo.  Ryo welcomed Sylus and showed him around.  Sylus looked around for food and saw food everywhere but ate a cockroach instead but on the bright side he no longer had the ring on.  Zaigen asked Sam how to get the ring off and he told him to die.  Ryo asked Sam for a human to eat and Sam ripped Ryo’s tongue out.  Ryo was now holding his tongue.  Sylus asked Sam if there was a way to communicate with the rest of his friends and Sam said no.  Sylus asked where he was and Sam said that they were in his realm within the soup.  Zaigen asked Sam why he was able to detect necromancy from the soup and Sam said he knew how to imitate necromancy.  Sylus asked how he could get out and Sam said he hadn’t figured that out yet.  Sam said he used to be a restaurant manager but then got hit by a meteor and is now a god.

Vladimir asked if they were in the restaurant he managed and Sam said he had moved it to the desert.  Geoffrey, tired of all this pledged his allegiance to Sam.  Sam pleased by this, then told the party that there was something of importance to him in one of the bags of flour but couldn’t remember what it was.  Vladimir, Geoffrey, David, and Zaigen go to the kitchen and open up the pantry.  Zaigen tried to find it by detecting its magic but there wasn’t any.  The four of them look around for a sifter but Vladimir just picked up a bag and threw it on the ground and flour was everywhere.  Geoffrey grabbed three bags and went out of the pantry and looked through them and found nothing.

Still wearing the ring, Zaigen was consumed with hunger and attacked Geoffrey.  Geoffrey retaliates and Vladimir and David laugh and watch the chaos.  Geoffrey tried to hide but the crazed Sorcerer found him anyways and David and Vladimir continued looking.  They eventually found a glass cup and told Sam.  Sam said that the cup was it and for them to throw it into the soup.  David dropped it into the soup and Zaigen rendered Geoffrey unconscious and then stabbed him.  Before anything else could happen everyone heard clapping and laughter and Sam said he was entertained and clapped twice and they were back in a tavern with everyone alive.

As they got teleported back they broke a table and the barkeep was mad but David calmed her down.  David asked where they were and she told them they were in Absalom.  David was excited to find out that he was back in his home town and Ryo asked the barkeep if she had heard of a female Kitsune.  David checked his pocket and found a tiny margarita glass and soup in it and everyone else also had the same thing.  David repaid the barkeep for the broken table and they all heard a ding. A paper appeared in everyone’s hand and it read congratulations you have just completed the Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature.  They saw a mark and it said to tear there and they did and two thousand gold came out.  Everyone then went around town and bought a few items and Ryo performed his ritual to get a new dinosaur companion.