Physical Description Edit

Garrosh, or The Bastard as many call him, is a rather short for extremely aggressive dwarf paladin. He has blood red hair and deep black eyes, for he has seen some things that most would cower and run from. He has the strength of three orcs and fears nothing. When he was changed by the Mighty Torag to a dwarf paladin, he immediately seeked to destroy all his weaknesses. Including members that stop him from doing his riotous duty.

tl;dr He's a man you will more than likely call a Bastard.

Personality Edit

He does everything he must to protect anyone he holds close to him. Whenever they are in danger he will drop everything to aid them, even if it could cost him his life. As his new responsibility as the wielder of the Axe Of Dwarvish Lords, he believes he must carry out the actions of whatever his God, Torag, would want him to. Although he was not initially a dwarf, he now has seen through mostly clear, "drunk", eyes of a dwarf and believes in all their natural tendencies. He absolutely despises goblins, but will capture them and keep them as pets for later "use".

tl;dr He probably wont like you.

Backstory Edit

As the more days pass, Garrosh's past life begins to fade from memory. He barely remembers his other brothers, but he will never forget their first victory. Together the Bastards, with the help of some people the "acquired", they slayed a mighty Devil that was wreaking havoc on an underground Dwarvern City. After that Garrosh only remembers being blessed by Torag, and his brother's who disappeared. Recently he has had many, "interesting", adventures.He has obtained a Dire Boar named, Boarag, by wrestling it with no armor, and headbutting it into submission. He carries his Huge Boar in his chest, where it sleeps, ready to be released and destroy all evil by his side. He now upholds the mighty respect of all dwarfs and will lead them to glory. Garrosh's legacy will never die, and neither will his wrath.

The only way to fight fire, is with more fire. BY FIRE BE PURGED!


Adventures so Far Edit

The Dwarf and the Ancient Kingdom

Character Relations Edit

Final Bastard left. He protects what is left of his party, while watching it grow into an even more Bastardly group.