Sycirian Edit

Once a city that was isolated, a town of one race, Lamia, a monster race. Unlike the majority of Lamia this group is a group of traders. They are based around there temple to the their deity A’Saclea, or in common, Great Snake that was built by an of shoot of the Junira river in the Osirion region. They are led by two groups, the religious part, the Shaman, and the monarchy, decided by the Shaman. The monarch or monarchs, depending on marriage, can over through the shaman, and the shaman may do the same in matters of religion. After a member of the City left due to a religious revelation and by the power of their god, they figured it was time to open up, they became more open, let people stay in town allowed people to live there and had a sudden influx of wealth and trade as it was now a major stop in crossing the desert.

Crime and Punishment Edit

They take crime very seriously, if you break the law here, be ready to be in huge trouble. A simple action such as stealing can result for months in prison, for this is the first time they have dealt with most crime.

Recent events Edit

As of late with new traders coming in there are many other-races such as elves and other major trading races. The town went from some living in tents to being a small city of 180-200 with every lamia family having its own home. They have upped in guards.

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