Snakes? Not A Problem! Edit

To help Rarity with the outfits she was designing for the fashion show, The KPH headed out to a small mining town outside of Absalom. According to Rarity some snakes in the mountains north of the town were in possession of these gems. After doing some research and information gathering at the town the group was able to find out the location of the snakes nest and a bit more information about them. Including Kirito finding out that the town had formed a peace treaty with the snakes. If the townspeople did not go into their territory the snakes would not attack the town. However Kirito did not divulge this information to the rest of the party and instead let them charge headlong into the home of these snakes. The party managed to defeat the snakes and collect the gems and headed home.

Prologue Edit

The snakes feeling their treaty broken, decided to destroy the town and all of the people in it. The KPH returned after hearing about the attack and tried to find and help survivors, but were largely unsuccessful. Other than Kirito no one in the group knows truly why the snakes attacked the town.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

Mission Goal Edit

  • Collect the gems from the snakes

Summary Edit

The group managed to get the gems from the snake resulting in the destruction of the town.

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