The Servant of Cthulu is a minion of the Great Old One, Cthulu. His master is able to possess his body, giving him far greater powers than he alone would have. He is able to speak the language of Cthulu, able to drive any listener insane if they cannot withstand it's power.

Role in CampaignEdit

Defense of the StatuesEdit

The servant appeared in front of the party while they were fighting the living statues. After appearing, he caused the moss to dispel, leaving the statues to their former, lifeless state. His words, however, drove Hekrion and Airi to insanity.

He demanded Airi give him the amulet she had retrieved from inside a statue. After Airi gave him the amulet, Hekrion attempted to attack him. Airi, seeing this, joined in. The two were immediately entangled in the servant's tentacles. Hekrion, unable to understand his situation through his insanity, proceeded to insult the servant. He at last broke the last straw when he said, "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going." The servant, enfuriated, caused his head to explode in exchange.