A drow Sorcerer whom prefers lightning and sonic powers he was raised by the Ventala vampire clan.

As a child his parents were killed by unknown forces and was found by Ravena Ventala the damphrir whom was raised by the Ventala lord.

Ronan has worked for the clan since he was found and has developed a friendship with ravena, ronan has worked with elves, gnomes and humans along with vampires.

After the ventala lord disappeared ronan and ravena both left to find him and went in different directions. He has fought dragons, goblins and other drow in this time.

At one time ronan was imprisoned by a drow queen but was able to escape due to a dragon problem that destroyed her castle.

Recently he found a city which he found interesting and decided to stay there for a while but a few days later while out smelling flowers some dragons attacked resulting in ravendales destruction ronan was able to escape with the help of some other adventurers.

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