Rarity is a female that appears human. She has pale skin and an impeccable sense of fashion. She has purple hair that is always well kept and is very beautiful. She finds residence in the second floor above her fashion boutique where she sells one of a kind beautiful garments at high prices. She loves to incorporate jewels on her outfits and uses rare gems as centerpieces. She loves to hire adventures to retrieve these rare gems usually in the caves of large beasts or encrusted on their very flesh.

She has a weak spot for all things cute, sometimes trading the time of an adorable team member for her work instead of money. Rarity can work with all kinds of crafty materials not just fabric, that’s why Rarity is your go to gal for any thing that needs an eye for detail and a steady hand.

Some of her great works include:

-A headdress with the gem of a Emperor Snake as it’s centerpiece, gratefully retrieved by the KPH.

-A series of tiny fairy dresses with the modeling help of Yui.

-The completion of the four very fragile and very magical stained glass windows retrieved from the church of Erotessera. Painstakingly put back together by Rarity from the tiny pieces given to her by the KPH.

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