Physical Description Edit

Poppy White stands at 5’1” with orange fur and amber eyes. She has medium length red hair going just past her shoulders and has two tails. In human form, her skin is olive and she can be described as supernaturally pretty. Poppy wears her armor under a long cloak with many pockets and loops to hold bomb parts, liquors and catalysts. Her cloak is made to hold many bottles at once and be easily washable, so as to get the stench of alcohol out as quickly as possible. She also wears a short scarf and hat, so as to cover her face when needed. A tankard is attached to the back of her belt where she drinks her alcohol from. She’s also used the monikers Dominique Perignon, Grey Jameson and Jaqueline Daniels. Alongside her booze-based alchemy, she wields a Katana named “Bootleg Ghost”. She keeps Bootleg Ghost with her at all times, glamoured as either a parasol or cane.

Personality Edit

Poppy tries to take things at her own pace. However, she is self-serving and is not fond of having to go out of her way for things though she can be convinced. She's happiest when making booze or drinking it.

Backstory Edit

Poppy's past is kept mainly to herself. She never really speaks of where exactly she was born beyond that it was a small village. She also never speaks of what her given name is, instead offering pseudonyms with "Poppy White" being her latest. What is known is that she travels everywhere she can to sell her moonshine, drink new types of booze and generally see the world. She has participated in a few bar fights, cons, adventures and is seeking more.

Inventory Edit

Current Edit

Xacarba Breastplate- Light armor made from a demonic snake's scales. A gift from a friend.

Leather Armor- Armor made of leather. Nothing special.

Bag of Holding- An enchanted bag that allows Poppy to hold many more items than normal.

Alchemist Crafting Kit- A kit that has the components to create extracts.

Katana "Bootleg Ghost"- A katana won in a card game. Bootleg Ghost is made of adamantine and is enchanted with glamour, allowing it to be disguised as anything close in size to it's true form.

Previous Edit

Adventures so Far Edit

Character Relations Edit

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