There are 5 maiden's gems. Four of these gems were possessed by the the maidens who protected the city of Erotessera. After many years the Maidens eventually fell apart and passed away, and their gems lost unto the history books. Until The KPH stumbled upon their old abandoned church.

The five gems have been found, and retrieved by members of the KPH and their companions. Currently Eros resides with Silica, Philia with Kirito, Agape with Apex, Storge with Sento no Kami, and Soi with Shino.

Silica has a general idea of what all the gems do, due to her finding a research paper written by one of the original four maindens, Penelope.

  • Eros: Grants the owner the ability to give her lifeforce to another person.
  • Philia: Grants the owner the ability to view another person, seeing them wherever they may be.
  • Agape: Grants the owner the ability to see the innermost intentions of other people. It also grants the owner increased defensive powers in combat.
  • Storge: Grants the owner the ability to teleport herself and her allies to safety in times of great peril.
  • Soi: Grants the owner the ability to calm the emotions of all those around her.

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