Lorand Edit

Player Name

Danny Maldonado




Fighter 6

Effective Level

Effective Level: 6



Physical Description Edit

Height Edit

5'4" 155 lb.

Hair Edit

Black (Length: Middle of his neck)

Eyes Edit


Clothes Edit

Headband that says "Remember"

Personality Edit

Tries to help anyone that is helpless. Fiercely protective of family and close allies. Terrible at first encounters.

  • Inventory

Previous Items Edit


Current Items Edit

Corrosive Rapier

A rapier that does corrosive damage as well as regular damage

Frost Trident

Favored weapon. Can be thrown 10 ft away


Looks for trouble in the distance with it


A two handed weapon Lorand took to please Sobek

Backstory Edit

Not for your eyes.

Adventure So Far Edit

Quests Edit

Character Relations Edit

The Kobold

Died a tragic death against a Dire Crocodile. If not for The Kobolt, Lorand may have died against the Dire Crocodile.


Did not pay much attention to until his hand got chopped off. Temporarly gave him a weapon so that he could have one.

Skull Ninja

Connected to him on the boat ride to Sothis. Lorand risked his life saving Skull from a sand trap.


Met at the Temple of Sobek. Fought together in meele combat against the Dire Crocodile.


Met, but did not trust much in the beginning. Now trusts Azil with his life.


Met on the way to Sothis. Helped Lorand become more relaxed within a group of allies

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