normal stuff about Kyonin

special stuff:

The queen's daughter

Sera: Female Elf Unknown Spellcaster of unknown Lv, LN. Str 10, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 13. Sera has a long face, with messy brown hair and light amber eyes. She wears fine raiment and a dragonscale cloak Sera seems to known various magics but no one is certain what exactly she studies though Akira is of the opinion that she is a witch due to the silver and black cat named moonlight that Sera has and occasionally talks to, Akira has also noticed subtle effects that occur against enemies when defending Sera. Sera suffers a severe allergy to goblins and has an acute fear of Orcs. She has a lady-in-waiting named Akira (Player character). Rumors are circling Kyonin that Sera and Akira have been missing these past 3 months and no onw is sure what happened. The most popular rumor is that they were kidnapped though some believe that they ran away due to the Winter council's dislike of Sera and her liberal opinions as there have been reports of attempted attacks on Sera though no one can honestly claim the attacks were instigated by the Winter council.

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