The party has arrived in Absalom, and the Adventurer's Pact immediately recruits them, and assigns them their first mission.

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Mission GoalEdit

Defeat the Kobolds that have been pillaging traveling merchants on their way in and out of Absalom.

Mission SummaryEdit

Immediately after being assigned the mission, the party was instantly teleported to their mission location, just outside of Absalom. After walking around for a bit, they found several Kobolds waiting to ambush the next merchant to pass through.

As soon as the fight began, Risona used Brain Drain to steal the memories of one of the Kobolds, and learned of the existence of a giant stash of treasure. Immediately interested, she informed the rest of the party of treasures existence.

After taking out the Kobolds, Nagisa started looting the bodies, and found two extremely valuable diamonds. After selling them for 30K gold, the party divided the gold, with 20K for the sisters, and 2,500 gold for everyone else.

It was around this time that Hekrion noticed that the Black Blade had mysteriously gained the powers of frost.

Nagisa, with her money, purchased a flaming compound bow.

While the group had initially intended to seek out the treasure of the Kobolds the next day, they found themselves lacking an inn to return to after Risona accidentally snapped the neck of a drunk man.

After a day of searching, they managed to find another tavern. Coincidentally, it was the same one that the other party was staying at.

As the evening arrived, the bartender encouraged the two parties to a friendly Bar Game.

Follow-Up QuestEdit

Absalom Bar Game