Into the Ivory Labyrinth Edit

Through the magical powers of The Egg the party was teleported to The Ivory Labyrinth and tasked with the mission of saving the herald of Iomedae. The herald was being held in a prison somewhere deep within the labyrinth. The party was "greeted" by demons upon arrival. They attempted to negotiate with them, devising the scheme that were applying to be prison guards on the fly. In response to this a very powerful demon was summoned and requested that the party show their loyalty to the Demon Lord, Bahamut. Shana in order to prove her loyalty challenged the demon to a duel and got wrecked getting the paladin killed in the process.

After looting their paladin companion the party started their journey into the labyrinth in hopes they could find the prisons and potentially get a job there. Luckily for them they had purchased a bag of holding and enough food to fill it, giving them enough rations to feed 6 people for 3 months. They killed random demons and tried different tricks as they made their way through the labyrinth until they finally managed to reach the prisons.

Upon reaching the prison the party met up with some other adventurers and together they began their journey through the multiple cell blocks. As they made their way into cell block 3 they encountered the warden and quickly executed him, and took his keys. Using these they made their way to the very last cell block assuming that is where the herald would be held. Along the way the enraged a swarm of insects which chased them the entire way. Upon reaching the final cell block they realized the herald was not there and began a desperate attempt to find her. One of the party members used the time while the swarm was distracted by the party to attempt to destroy it's hive. He managed to use his mythic power to cut the swarm's hive from the ceiling dropping it right on top of the party.

The surviving members of the party regathered themselves and managed to find and free the Herald of Iomedae. She offered to reward them if they returned her to her father which using The Egg's power they did.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

Mission Goal Edit

  • Infiltrate the Prisons
  • Find the Herald of Iomedae
  • Resuce the Herald of Iomedae
  • Defeat the Captors

Follow-up quests Edit

The Vial Plane

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