Fashion Guild Tryouts Edit

The KPH after to talking to Ruby about getting another panel fixed for them heard about an upcoming fashion show. The girls, Shino in particular, were extremely interested in this event and decided to find out more about it. This lead them to the Fashion Guild in Absalom. Upon arriving at the Fashion Guild, Shino forced Silica into talking to them about becoming potential models. The guild master overheard this conversation, and seeing how cute Silica was immediately whisked her away to do some modeling. Shino and Yuuki feeling like something was a little off decided to keep investigating around the Guild.

Upon a little more investigation, and some lucky timing Shino, Yuuki, and Kirito were able to barge in on Silica's modeling just before the floor under her opened up into a large blender of metal saw blades. The Guild Master disappointed her trap had failed took her anger out on the group attacking them with knives and other sharp instruments. After eventually pushing her into the large blender that had almost killed Silica the group quickly gathered Silica's belongings and fled.

Just before leaving Shino discovered that the large blender that the Guild Master had been pushed into led to a meat processing plant. After returning home she also discovered that their cabinets were full of the same meat.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

Mission Goal Edit

  • Infiltrate the Fashion Guild
  • Be chosen as the models for the fashion show

Summary Edit

Shino, wanting to find a way to join an upcoming fashion show, offered up Silica as a model to the head of the Fashion Guild.

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