Dungeon Mastering StyleEdit

Master Tim plays the original D&D...... Equaling Drows and Dragons. (only once.... maybe again)

If you ask anyone in the club, they will agree that Master Tim loves Dragons more than any other creature in the game. Campaigns that Master Tim runs may or may not have Dragons or some form of a Dragon in it.

Master Tim has 3 d20 set of dice that he uses for small, weak, and non dragon rolls. Master Tim has another set of dice that are unqie and only used for certain rolls. This dice set are red color dice with black dragons carved on each number side. The dragon dice during Master Tim sessions rest on a dragon dice bag with each die on a quarter with the highest value on the die laying on the coin. Players have given the dragon dice more coin to add to their "hoard", the dice seem to roll more in the player's favor during those sessions.

Bonus Experience OpportunitiesEdit

Master Tim awards bonus exp interesting and well thought out ideas and creativity. This does not mean that random things are given exp, Tim will reward the bonus exp to the pool of exp that his party receives. He doesn't give bonus exp for bring food or drinks for him, he may or may not bend his rolls in the players favor. Food or drinks given to the party has a whole will allow bonus exp.

Missions OverseenEdit

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