Down in the Dumps
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level 6/7
Location Absalom
Rewards Platinum
Quest progression
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Angry Gods, Dog Sitting Unknown

Dungeon Master Edit


Party Members Edit

Vladamir and Rasputin






Mission Goal Edit

Stop whatever it was that was killing the Ratfolk in the sewers of Absalom.

Mission Summary Edit

An elf named Vall, found his way into Absalom and the guards simply told him to not make any trouble.  Immediately he found himself on the main street of Absalom and saw a tavern and fell a strange and sudden urge to enter the tavern.  Vall decided to cast a spell of fog cloud and people started to get freaked out and try to leave the area.  The fog seeped into the door and the elf came through the fog.  Rasputin blocked the door and Vall heard something very large behind him and felt something cold on his back.

Vall went up to the bar to get a drink, and Vladimir immediately didn’t like him, none the less he joins the adventurer’s pact.  An orcish looking fellow went to a very broken down sailor bar.  He walked right into the bar and someone approached him and noticed he was a wanderer.  Makoa agreed to it and the person was shocked that someone had agreed so quickly without any questions.  The person led the warpriest upstairs to the basement.  The registrar greeted him and told him to sign a moderately sized paper.  Makoa signed it and the paper crumpled itself and tossed itself in the trash.

He handed him a card and told him it could teleport him and he walked down the stairs and found and ended up in another tavern.  He immediately recognized Vladimir and Rasputin and celebration occurred between the three.  They celebrated and Sylus and Zaigen were really confused and so Vladimir explained everything how they met each other in the god games.

A trox named Wanderer had spent a long time underground and his dwarven masters gave him his freedom as no one was able to bet against him as he was the strongest beetle-thing and was let go because no one would fight him.  He reached the surface in someplace and was blinded by the sun.  Most people saw him and ran away but the few that stayed were seasoned adventurers and told him to go to Absalom as he would be welcomed there.

He made his way to Absalom and has a hard time finding a boat and found himself a schooner but made it to Absalom anyways and ended up in the fishing docks.  He was impressed by the size of the city.  Everyone at the dock glanced strange looks at him but they were also the scum of the town so they weren’t that bad of looks.

The former slave was confused by all the different races and was really surprised.  He grabbed a goblin and asked him where he went and the Goblin screamed and everyone looked at him he dropped the goblin and it ran away.  He picked up two cobalts and the same thing happened.  He went up to the gate and an old man told him to put them down with the threat of his poleaxe.  The trox freaked out and threw the two cobalts at the guard and ran.  He started panicking as he heard the word jail and knew what it meant and grabbed the keys the guard had and ran.

Everyone was confused as they saw this giant beetle running.  Wanderer made his way to a busy market street and smelt amazing food.  He followed the smell all the way to a tavern and noticed a large fuzzy creature with full armor and is impressed as it’s the first thing that is bigger than him.  He touched it and enjoyed its softness but then remembered about food.  He squeezed through the door and other four were confused.  He came to the table with Zaigen, Sylus, Vladimir, and Mokoa and ate their food.

Vladimir intimidated him and told him to stop, Sylus back flipped under a table and pulled out his crowbars.  Zaigen and Mokoa both offered food to the Trox and Wanderer picked up the sorcerer and hugged him.  Mokoa started speaking to him and Wanderer was still really confused by everything and Mokoa told him about everything on the surface world.  Wanderer was confused that there was no ceiling and then started exploring the tavern.  He went downstairs to try and get underground but saw a hallway with windows and panicked.  He ran upstairs as it was the only place he hadn’t gone to and was scared by the registrar but was just a little calmed by the fact he was underground.

The Registrar casted calm person for the rest of it and greeted the Trox.  The Registrar asked if he would like to be an adventurer and Wanderer tried to sit on a small chair and the chair scooted away and Wanderer was freaked out but was still calm and nods his head.  The Registrar asked if he could read or write and the beetle shook his head.  The registrar waved his hand and a paper popped out and spoke to him about joining the adventurer’s pact.  The trox nodded his head and a box checked for joining and he raised his hand in cheering and accidentally hit the ceiling.  The other group heard a bang below them.

The registrar handed him a card and said if he was in trouble to tear the card; Wanderer went upstairs and joined the party.  A thunderstorm rolled in and Wanderer was fascinated by the rain and Makoa explained it.  A massive group of people then ran down the street and some people were pushed.  Zaigen pulled one person aside and asked what was going on and he said that a king and queen from a faraway land are coming and they are in the castle courtyard.  Wanderer grabbed Sylus, Zaigen, and Vall with Makoa and Vladimir riding Rasputin to the castle courtyard.

The party of six arrived in the courtyard and Makoa told Wanderer not to grab people as they didn’t like it, with Sylus just about ready to stab him.  They then saw a stone ram push through people and a small group followed him.  Rows of people were now surrounding the courtyard and guards were by the castle.  On the other side was a group of Paladins escorting a group of mercenary people with a trio in the middle of them.  One was wearing a purple cloak, the man was completely covered, and another woman next to him with the same outfit but no hood and looked like a teethling but with giant horns behind her head.

Wanderer thought not to approach these people and Makoa knew the horns didn’t belong on her and her hair was long and black and has a long tail but wasn’t a teethling.  Makoa recognized it as similar to an umbral dragon and told everyone.  They all heard rumors amongst the crowd that this wasn’t a king.  Other questions also arose wandering if that was a king.  Meanwhile Rasputin noticed a figure on top of the castle.  The mercenaries seemed like they weren’t nice people and Makoa and Zaigen both felt a very evil presence like a demon and recognized it wasn’t coming from the man; Wanderer also felt the same thing.

The Paladins weren’t pleased escorting these people and they all see a man running through the crowd on the other side.  Vladimir whispered to Makoa about the man on the castle after Rasputin told him.  The group is confused about what is going on and then Vladimir brought to everyone’s attention about the person.  As they look around Vladimir, Makoa, and Zaigen are then sidetracked by a ballista slowly making its way through the courtyard and rolled outside.  They told the rest of the group what they saw.

They heard the people yelling monsters and panic in the people.  Wanderer was confused by the very concept of a ballista.  Makoa, Vall, and Zaigen told the party that it was a sentient ballista and that just got everyone confused.  Sylus followed the ballista and Wanderer asked what was going on and one of the party members told them that they were supposed to be royalty but they were monsters.  Wanderer fangirlled over the royalty and started cheering and tries to get closer at the three people.  The guards took a stance in defense of the trox but Wanderer tried to get the royalty’s attention.

Makoa tried to get the party to follow the ballista but Vlad and Zaigen want to see what happens with the creatures.  Makoa said one of them was a dragon and he didn’t want to have to deal with that.  Sylus confronted the ballista and he convinced Sylus he was a half-orc.  Wanderer cheered on the Royalty and a dwarf spotted him and wanted to kill him immediately but a bard stopped him from doing so.  Vladimir and Makoa recognized the bard from the god games and waved.

Everyone sees the king, queen, and other pushing for the castle and the people booed at them.  Wanderer is spotted by the king and queen and they just looked at him.  The people are outraged that the king and queen of Shadow Absalom are allowed to walk in Absalom.  A man near the front of the courtyard in a cloak motioned for the queen to come to them.  The king raised his hand and the mercenaries stopped.  The queen went to the cloaked man and whispered to him, the man then vanished.

The queen walked back, the king said continue and everyone walked again.  A bard politely walked to them and said he would be honored to perform for them; the woman held out her hand and told him to stop.  The bard walked away, a little disheartened.  Zaigen asked one of the paladins what was going on and he said the king of Shadow Absalom had requested presence of their Lord Gyro.  As the royal group reached the castle, some people noticed the figure on top of the castle jump off and landed on the ground completely disguising himself in the crowd, with the queen noticing it as well.

The line of guards slowly moved away for the trio to move up the castle door.  Bob, the ballista, approached the castle and the paladins got suspicious so they began chase of him.  Zaigen joined Makoa and Vladimir who followed Bob who were just confused.  Sylus left to see if he could find anything about the royalty and followed them in the castle.  Makoa asked the ballista what it was and Bob convinced him he was an orc.  Makoa believed him but was still confused by an outline of a ballista and decided to climb on top of it and stab it.

Makoa stabbed it and hurt Bob, meanwhile, the crowd started leaving the courtyard.  Bob failed at getting Makoa to fall asleep, while Makoa stabbed him some more, Vladimir and Zaigen walked up and saw what was going on.  Bob convinced the three that Makoa was an idiot, so Vladimir tried to calm Makoa down on attacking nothing but the half-orc was having too much fun.  Vladimir stopped him and the guards were getting uneasy and stared at them.  Wanderer walked into Bob and tried to look around for what he bumped into and picked it up.  Makoa confused prayed to his god and Lamashtu said he was a ballista.

Bob, held by Wanderer, convinced him that he was his father and Wanderer freaked out and threw bob down shattering him.  Vladimir tried to figure out why Bob was invisible and Bob said he was invisible.  Bob was not dead but was a pile of wood and metal, Wanderer was depressed he killed his father.  Makoa asked if Bob was screwing with them and Bob said he wouldn’t do it anymore, but Makoa didn’t like the sarcastic tone and Bob apologized for being rude.  Vladimir wanted to know what a ballista was doing there.

Bob explained that the army bought him thinking he was a regular ballista but since he was sentient he couldn’t be owned.  Vladimir and Makoa debate on what they should do with Bob, most of it is how they could make money.  Vladimir brought Vall and Wanderer up to speed on what happened while Zaigen and Makoa mended the ballista back together.  Wanderer was relieved that he realized he didn’t kill his father.  Vladimir wandered what happened to Redfeather but then thought good riddance the tengu.  Wanderer asked if the tengu was a friend of Vladimir.  The group decided to let Bob push himself somehow and as they left the courtyard, Sylus came out of the castle and joined the group who told him about the ballista.

The group was wandering through Absalom when they recognized a familiar face, they saw Calric.  Vladimir called him and he came over looking worried.  Vladimir asked him where he went after the wolves and Calric said after he saw the wolves he ran and tried to wake up the group but couldn’t.  Vladimir said that was smart but that they handled it.  He said that it was weird how after he started running he knew exactly where he was and made it back to Absalom.  Calric asked if they were there to see the king and queen of Shadow Absalom and they replied yes.  Bob summoned a hut in the middle of the street and turned it in a gazeebo.

Calric panicked at the gazeebo popping out of nowhere and the party decided that they should leave the ballista.  Wanderer flipped him over and told him to stay, and they leave him and bring Calric along.  They were back in the tavern and Bob was laying out in the middle of the Street.  The unseen servant of Bob took a while to flip him and Sylus walked around trying to steal things while the others spoke with Calric.  Bob struggled to make his way through the door of the tavern.  Zaigen noticed that it was Bob and not someone else, Calric was confused why Wanderer was happy for the Shadow royalty.  Vladimir then said he noticed Calric seemed stressed when they crossed paths that day. 

Calric explained he had a long day and his wood supplier for his music boxes wasn’t supplying any wood.  They have been tormented in the sewers and anyone who tried to see what was tormenting them had not comeback.  Meanwhile Sylus walked up to a person and he tried to reach in his satchel but was spotted.  He started running as the guy was worried that he and whatever important thing he was carrying was indeed something important.  Sylus tied a rope around the crowbar and the rope and crowbar got undone and the crowbar landed next to him and he was now sprinting.

He picked up everything and walked back in the tavern, meanwhile, Bob convinced Calric to grease his wheels as he was disguised as a human.  Vladimir asked Calric where his friend normally hung out and Calric said that it was by the slum distric and to use the sewer entrance there.  Makoa noticed that Sylus smelt like dog and Wanderer picked up Bob but Sylus convinced him to drop Bob and the trox listens.

The party, with the ballista, went to the slums and couldn’t find the sewer entrance, Wanderer dug through the soft dirt and made himself comfortable.  Vladimir found a person and asked where the sewer entrance was and the person told him of the pipe that led to the drain field, which of course peaked the party’s interest.  The group walked to the drain field and it was full of crap.  Wanderer was fascinated by it and throw some balls of crap at them.  There was a massive entrance to a giant tube with a bunch of sludge coming out of it and it was being pumped out, with two ladders on each side of the tube.

Vladimr and Makoa ride on Rasputin to the entrance and Vall walked in and threw up.  Sylus and Zaigen were being carried by Wandererand picked up Vall.  Wanderer debated whether to walk in the sludge and Vall said not to but Wanderer freaked out and threw Sylus and Vall but Zaigen was able to hold on.  Vall casted on Wanderer but Vall resisted and Vladimir told Wanderer to not do that again.  We walked down the tunnel and saw a flickering light and Vladimir pulled out an everburning torch.  They came to a pit that would be used for overflow and a town was in there.  They walked up to a town that the ratfolk had made.  Wanderer was fascinated by the rat people for not seeing them before.  They went down to the town and one of the rat was suspicious and asked what they were doing down there.  Vladimir said they were looking for something that was troubling the town.  The rat people cower and were confused that they were helping them.  The party told them that one of their friends did business with them and they mentioned Calric.  The ratfolk then explained the thing and said they would hear a rumbling when some of the rats went for food and whenever they try to find other things the rumbling occurred.

Bob disguised himself as a ratfolk and convinced them that he was a rat.  The ratfolk said that whatever it was it always appeared past the pump station, which was about two miles away.  Sylus and Mokao saw a box with a small V on it, and Sylus approached the box first and reached for the box.  However, just as he was about to open it Makoa approached the Ratfolk in charge of the stand with the box and asked what the box was and the rat said it was for Calric and that it was his wood and said Calric liked that specific box as it has his name.

Makoa asked what the V stood for and the rat said it was for his last name Vestue.  Sylus was spotted by the rat and so he went away.  Makoa walked away as well and Bob walked up and tried to convince him that he was Calric’s step-father but the rat saw through the lie.  Wanderer asked where the Ratfolk came from and one of them tells him.  The party left and moved down the tunnel and heard a humming sound.  They arrived at the base of an area that looked like these large machines flinging poop.  Makoa recognized that they shouldn’t be moving but they were moving by animated magic.  There was a bin and Sylus opened the bin with a grappling hook and found some stuff.

There were also three tunnels and Makoa and Zaigen couldn’t see anything down the three hallways.  Makoa casted light on a piece of wood and handed it to Sylus and he threw it and slipped and fell in the sludge.  He was being pulled into the sludge slinger, but Wanderer pulled him out.  Makoa casted light on another piece of wood and put it in the ballista, he launched it quite a ways down another tunnel but they got nothing.  The group decided to go through the middle tunnel and they kept going and some people heard a small rumbling that was stone on stone and it got louder and louder.  Eventually they saw that it was an impressive construct crushing everything in its path.

The juggernaut was made of plates of metal and stone and glowing coming from its joints and the face.  Makoa and Zaigen detect a type of magic, Bob could tell it wasn’t thinking.  The construct rolled over the party except for Sylus and Vladimir, but Makoa and Zaigen were able to dive into the crap.  As it passed the party the entire body turned around and Vall dove into the crap as well.  Makoa could tell that it was a juggernaut construct with runes all over the place that could absorb elemental damage and told the party.  Vladimir took off his gloves as they caused corrosive damage and fired an arrow but it just bounced off.  Fighting happened and the construct grew stronger with more magic attacks.

They destroyed the juggernaut and as they scavenged it they found its eyes were some jewels and Sylus took both of them.  Zaigen figured out that it would have taken multiple people to make the juggernaut and saw an insignia that he had seen on the Registrar’s desk and knew it belonged to the Registrar.  The group went back to the town of the ratfolk and told them they were free.  They were given the box of wood to give to Calric.  Vladimir also got a crate full of cure light wounds and Wanderer tried to pet a ratfolk but couldn’t cause it freaked out.  They went back to town and Vall went to a cathedral of Iomadea to remove a disease he received from the poop and converted the. 

Makoa tried to remove Sylus’s and his deity, Lamashtu, removed it without curing his Lycanthropy.  Wanderer looked around for someone who could heal him and found an alchemist but was rejected.  The monk ripped the door off and the Alchemist panicked and told him to leave and so the trox left, disappointed.  Wanderer found another Alchemist that claimed his tonic will make him younger and do really, just about anything and everything.  Wanderer, took one and it tasted like pure alcohol and it was but cured him of the disease.  He demanded for more and the merchant terrified said he would give a 5 off discount.  Wanderer demanded it for free and the merchant handed him one.  The addicted monk wanted even more and the salesman said he would only charge five gold.  Wanderer drank a bunch of the alcohol and then passed out.

Meanwhile, Sylus, Vladimir, Makoa, Zaigen and Bob looked for Calric and found him at his shop.  He was working on a music box and the group told Calric what happened and Calric looked at the gems Sylus had and told him they were made of glass.  Zaigen then drew the symbol he saw on the juggernaut and asked if he knew anything about it.  Calric said he didn’t know what it was but Sylus called him out on the bluff. Vladimir and Makoa tried to intimidate him but he resisted, he did however say that they knew everything and listened in on everything and was scared.

Vladimir asked for a reward and Calric asked what they would like and Vladimir said gold would be nice and Bob asked to be fixed as he was crushed and splintered by the juggernaut.  Makoa asked why he like that specific box for wood carrying and Calric said he made that box.  Calric then told the party he was going home and would pay them in the morning.  Sylus followed him anyway and infiltrated Calrics home but was soon spotted as the dog made a ruckus near Sylus.  Calric asked why he was followed home and before the ninja could answer Calric then pondered that maybe he didn’t trust him and Sylus asked for the gold and said he would give it to the rest of the party.

Calric handed Sylus some platinum and Sylus went back to the party.  Meanwhile, Wanderer, all drunk, ended up in the church of Iomadea and then he passed out again.  Sylus went to an expensive inn and the rest of the group spent the night at an inn and Calric came back with some more platinum and said he didn’t trust Sylus so he only gave him some.  Calric also repaired Bob, while Sylus went to an appraiser and he said the gems were worth a total of 8,000 gold.  Sylus came back and Vladimir not trusting the ninja went into the appraiser’s shop and asked if they were appraised which he said yes to.  Wanderer woke up with a blanket on him and felt completely healed and also felt a great passion for Iomadea.  Wanderer was greeted by someone and handed a holy symbol of Iomodea.

Down in the Dumps
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Absalom
Rewards Platinum
Quest progression
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Angry Gods, Dog Sitting Unknown