This page lists most of the main characters that have existed, or still exist inside the pathfinder world.

Characters Table
Character Class Level Race Gender Status
Silica Bard/Paladin 15 Human Female Active
Shino Fighter 14 Human Female Active
Kirito Fighter 14 Human Male Active
Airi Magus 11 Human Female Deceased
Al Cleric 4 Tiefling Male Deceased
Apex Rogue/Assassin 11 Human Male Active
Arturo Druid 7 Fetchling Female Retired
Iri Oracle 10 Human Female Deceased
Asa Fighter 5 Changeling Female Retired
Balthazar Rogue 4 Halfling Male Retired
Bane Willowleaf Ninja 5 Catfolk Male Retired
Chase Witch 5 Tiefling Male Retired
Coat Bard 7 Human Male Retired
Hekrion Rogue 8 Dhampir Male Retired
Inori Paladin 10 Human Female Retired
Jericho Fighter 4 Human Male Retired
Kaze Rogue 4 Tengu Male Retired
Kitra Rogue 4 Kitsune Male Retired
Klein Paladin 10 Human Male Active
Kozue Summoner 13 Half-Elf Female Deceased
Linnaga Paladin 4 Human Male Deceased
Lorand Fighter 6 Human Male Retired
Makoa Warpriest 7 Half-Orc Male Deceased
Malice Warpriest 10 Oread Male Active
Minion Arcanist 13 Catfolk Female Deceased
Munin Ranger 10 Halfling Male Deceased
Nagisa Fighter 2 Kitsune Female Deceased
Neorthra Druid 4 Half-Orc Male Retired
No Name Fighter 13 Human Male Active
Poppy White Alchemist 9 Kitsune Female Active
Reina Monk 6 Samsaran Female Deceased
Rembrahk Barbarian/Fighter 10 Dwarf Male Deceased
Reven Tongrande Alchemist 10 Human Male Active
Risona Oracle 2 Kitsune Female Deceased
Ryner Wizard 6 Aasimar Male Deceased
San-Miguel Bastard Barbarian 5 Half-Orc Male Retired
Sento no Kami Monk 10 Human Male Active
Shadow Rogue 15 Tiefling Male Retired
Shylia Ranger 8 Catfolk Female Retired
Skull Ninja Rogue 6 Elf Male Retired
Solaire Paladin 4 Aasimar Male Retired
Sora Summoner 7 Half-Elf Male Retired
Stijlen Monk 4 Human Male Retired
Suguha Swashbuckler/Arcanist 11 Human Female Active
The Final Bastard Paladin 9 Dwarf Male Retired
The Kobold Alchemist 9 Kobold Male Deceased
Rames Cavalier 11 Human Male Deceased
Thess Cleric 4 Aasimar Female Retired
Tmek Grundlenose Alchemist 12 Goblin Male Active
Vel'sek Sorcerer 6 Human Male Retired
Vladamir Ranger 10 Half-Orc Male Retired
Yin Sorcerer 7 Kitsune Male Deceased
Yang Barbarian 5 Orc Male Deceased
Yui Arcanist 11 Halfling Female Active
Yuuki Brawler/Swashbuckler 11 Human Female Active
Zaigen Sorcerer 8 Aasimar Male Deceased
Angel Oracle 13 Catfolk Female Active

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