The Big Book of Booty series is an expansive collection of booty shots that will appeal to any and all tastes. There are three volumes known to exist. Each book rewards 500 exp upon completion (taking 3 hours each) and the character sheds a single tear.

The BooksEdit

  • The Big Book of Booty
  • The Big Book of Booty Vol. II: The Booty Just Got Bootyier
  • The Big Book of Booty Vol. III: Return of the Booty
  • The Big Book of Booty Vol. IV: Naga Bootylicious
  • The Big Book of Booty Vol. VI: Sky High Booties (Special Draconic Edition)
  • The Big Book of Booty Vol. VII: Smokin' Hot Booties

Appearances in the StoryEdit

While the Shadow Absalom scouts were waiting to return to Absalom, they visited the local library to do research about various topics. Asa, for unknown reasons, was compelled to read all three volumes of the series. Sadly, Asa only finished 2 of the books.

Bloodrager Elf Tannais visited a library during a festival to find the fourth volume of The Big Book of Booty. He spent the entire day reading and comparing booties. After the day's festivities, he had a confrontation with an assassin in his group, Gale Devito. Gale attempted to take the book. The confrontation ended in with both of them thrown in prison. However, Tannais was released the next morning. He managed to get his book back and discovered the captain of the guard had an exceptional booty indeed.

Eladrin Bard Shalidor found the sixth volume of the Big Book of Booty while searching for books on the lore of Midgar to help aid his party in the library of their newly claimed home of White Hall in Harmony. Compelled to read it, he then finished the entire volume, cover to cover, learning how exceptional the booty that dragon-kin tend to have. Later on in Riverdale, he then secured himself a free room, and companion, by fulfilling a dream he had never known he had until he had done it, by seducing Jessamine, the voluptuous green dragonborn.