The island of Arcania is well known among the magical community. For on the island is the Auroris Academy, a school dedicated to the arts of ancient magics, while most students are magi there are a few who prefer a different path and the school encourages students to find a discipline aside from magic where they can draw some skills that others may not have. While the island is well known no single country claims it as territory and it is sometimes used as a neutral ground for meetings between multiple kingdoms.

Aside from the Academy, the city of Arcania is also on the island hence the name. The city of Arcania is primarily composed of humans that have descended from rare races such as the fey, elemental races and shape-shifters, those that are not commonly welcome in other places.

Auroris Academy is well known for many reasons aside from its political position. The academy teaches students the ancient magics of power and many modern casters find it difficult to cast magic within the island's borders. Due to the great obelisks which circle the island.

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