I was born in Kyonin as a servant of the elven king, his daughter found me interesting and as time progressed i became a dear friend to her. By the time we were both of decent age by elven standards we became inseparable leading to the failure of romantic relationships on both sides because we always saw the problems in the others partner. Due to my position as her friend i decided to learn how to protect her as much as possible without seeming threatening many elves know how to use rapiers and another women carrying one wasn't a odd thing to see. My skill with rapier however is impressive and my reactions to trouble are fairly quick, therefore saving the princess's life many times from wolves to bandits and even the occasional assassin. My position also lead to the irritating circumstance that important people would often try to get to me in order to influence her highness in some way my charms and intelligence lead to such people realizing that though I was a servant it was only in name and nothing more many of those in the castle were accustomed to following the requests I made as if they were orders from Sera. 

My reputation among the kingdom claims I am a powerful swords-woman and not to be underestimated  those who do often find themselves running for the hills after a few attacks. 

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