Absalom Plague Edit

The KPH heads to a cave to investigate a rampant plague spreading through the kingdom. Along the way Shino loses her gem to some darkness that appeared after defeating some of the infected animals. The group tells the city of Erotessera to evacuate and after making sure they arrive safely in Absalom, the group adventures to a cave at the core of the plague. Upon entering the cave the group is split up, and attacked by thousands of spiders. After finally regrouping they manage to make it through an underground waterway to a new part of the cave. Taking a brief rest there they then continue on deeper into the cave. During this journey all of the members excluding Silica lose their gems to the same darkness. Upon reaching the final chamber of the cave they encounter a battle with the darkness and themselves. Managing to barely claim victory, they now had empowered versions of their gems. However Pina, Silica's familiar perished in the battle. After exiting the cave the group was greeted with the grim sight of the plague having spread into and destroyed the City of Absalom and their home.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

Mission Goal Edit

  • Find the cause of the plague
  • Reclaim the lost Maiden's Gems
  • Defeat the evil force
  • Assist in the evacuation of Absalom

Summary Edit

The group adventures into the cave at the core of the plague. They encounter a very dangerous battle with shadow versions of themselves, and receive stronger versions of their gems. Pina dies in the battle. The plague spreads through all of Absalom.

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