Absalom has no true record of it's creation however it is well spoken and held to be that it was founded thousands of years ago by the god Aroden when he raised the Starstone from the dark reaches of the Inner Sea. From it's founding there are very few events in it's history that can be said to be ordinary when compared to the term, even in it's earliest days inhabitants flocked to the location to aid Aroden, whom tasked the bravest of all those throughout the Inner Sea region to protect the Starstone and prevent any from removing it from it's resting place.

With Absalom resting in the middle of countless trade routes it has had an undeniable influence on many nations. As a vast center of trade many overly ambitious nations and greedy warlords have tried to break the mighty walls of the city, ensuring that the task of guarding the city and the Starstone within to never be an easy fight. In the past four millennia the city has been besieged by army after army in attempts to bring Absalom to ruins and gain control of it. Despite the relentless number of attempts the city has not once fallen, the failed attempts of the past can often be found spread wide across Kortos, a very noticeable reminder of those attempts lies just at the edges of the cities massive harbor in the form of sunken warships.

The Adventure BeginsEdit

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