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A book named Steve is a red book with black binding, a white circle with a black boarder is in the center upper portion of the book. The book remains this way until it is picked up by a player. When picked up a white image of the player shows in the center of the white circle. This book works very much like the Riddle Diary in Harry Potter, when written in it the book will respond by writing back, then after sometime both writings by the book and the player will disappear.

The book knows only what the player knows or might have forgotten. This book is a tools that allows the player to ask questions to answers they know the DM told them at one point but may have forgotten or never wrote down. The book may also answer questions about it's self, like how he works and of course his name. He can also talk about his brother Moogle but not where he is, what he does or how to find him.

There is only one of its kind.

It currently resides with the KPH group, specifically Sillica

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